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The Mind Map

Moving beyond your business topic with the best strategy for success. Access the ultimate Mind Map for a big picture overview!

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F**k You Money

Learn how you can start to live your life on your own terms. No more boss!

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Build A Real Business

Discover why affiliate marketing is your ticket for success in 2022.

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The Best Strategy

Learn exactly how to make the most money from your online business.

Video 4

Step-By-Step Plan

Get the step by step plan for building a successful business from A to Z!

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    5 replies to "Video #3"

    • Litmoth Etheyang

      If I were to build a niche based on a product with vague description, will it be okay to make a hypothesis about the product. Since Internet is full of misinformation, will I get in any trouble for spreading my thought or hypothesis on a product or maybe a topic?

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for the question. No you won’t get into any trouble for building a website about a product, and stating your opinion about the product / niche. This is why the persona strategy outlined in the previous videos is helpful. Your persona is simply the friendly expert who shares their opinion about a given topic. But ultimately business is about making people lives better, so it’s best if your product recommendations are actually helpful to your visitors.

    • Izzy

      Thank you so much for explaining and opening my eyes more
      Thank you

      • Tyler Stokes

        No problem Izzy, and thanks for sharing. The Mind Map is a big picture overview of how this all works. Glad you found it useful.

    • Dickson

      Wow! sincerely this is awesome. Niche selection had been difficult for me, but with this information, I am good to go. Thank you for sharing

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