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The Mind Map

Moving beyond your business topic with the best strategy for success. Access the ultimate Mind Map for a big picture overview!

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F**k You Money

Learn how you can start to live your life on your own terms. No more boss!

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Build A Real Business

Discover why affiliate marketing is your ticket for success in 2022.

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The Best Strategy

Learn exactly how to make the most money from your online business.

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Step-By-Step Plan

Get the step by step plan for building a successful business from A to Z!

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    13 replies to "Video #3"

    • Litmoth Etheyang

      If I were to build a niche based on a product with vague description, will it be okay to make a hypothesis about the product. Since Internet is full of misinformation, will I get in any trouble for spreading my thought or hypothesis on a product or maybe a topic?

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for the question. No you won’t get into any trouble for building a website about a product, and stating your opinion about the product / niche. This is why the persona strategy outlined in the previous videos is helpful. Your persona is simply the friendly expert who shares their opinion about a given topic. But ultimately business is about making people lives better, so it’s best if your product recommendations are actually helpful to your visitors.

    • Izzy

      Thank you so much for explaining and opening my eyes more
      Thank you

      • Tyler Stokes

        No problem Izzy, and thanks for sharing. The Mind Map is a big picture overview of how this all works. Glad you found it useful.

    • Dickson

      Wow! sincerely this is awesome. Niche selection had been difficult for me, but with this information, I am good to go. Thank you for sharing

    • Bob

      I can see how important it is to Niche down. That is like your fine tuning to get to your target market. I have been wondering if you can use a youtube video on your site, without worrying about copyright issues. Let’s say I wanted to use a video of a band playing, or a celebrity doing a review or explaining how to play a certain song. Would that be a violation of copyright law? Also, how hard would it be to add my affiliate link (once i get it) to a youtube video? what is the process?

      • Tyler Stokes

        Yes niching down is key. You can paste any public YouTube video on your own site. You can add affiliate links to your own personal YouTube videos in the video description. You can’t add links to other people’s videos. Again, key concept here is niching down for sure.

    • Theophilus

      Thank you so much, Tyler. Words cannot express my gratitude. Your videos are always informative.

    • Jojo

      Thank you so much Tyler for sharing the mind map as well as I really appreciated the brainstorming exercise. I would say finding my niche and niching down is the hardest part, however, the way you explained it in this video was super helpful!

      Thank you!!

    • Danno

      I stumbled upon these lessons and videos as I was researching affiliate marketing after having created my website and trying to get into the affiliate marketing business. I feel as though I jumped in too quickly without taking some of the necessary steps that you have laid out. I hope that I can go back and refine some of what I have been doing and make my affiliate marketing business a success. Thank you for your time and effort in sharing some of your successful tips and strategies with all of us.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey glad it was useful. I hear this all the time. People get started too quickly and do things out of order and it’s really hard to succeed when you do this. This training and all my future training helps you do all the right things in the right order. This is key.

    • Isaac Ansah

      Thanks so much Tyler for this eye opening information , I am gradually putting the pieces together for my online business to take off, thanks to your helpful tips.

      • Tyler Stokes

        You’re welcome! Glad you found it useful.

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