If you build it, they will come…

But will they buy from you?

Will your website visitors listen to your recommendations?

If they like you and they trust you, you can sell them anything!

Before you start building any content online, you need to review the ideal strategy.

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How YOUR Affiliate Marketing Website Will Earn the Most Money

Remember how affiliate marketing works:

You make recommendations and when people buy based on your recommendations, you earn commissions.

Now think about this:

Why do people use the internet?

Millions of people jump over to Google and other search engines and look for information. They have a problem or question and they want a solution.

So how do you reach people?

How do you start making recommendations to people and earn commissions?

Well, a great analogy is to think about real estate:

If you have a store and want to make sales, a very important factor is location.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase:

Location, location, location!

Well on the internet it's different. It's all about information, information, information!

In order to make commissions (money), you need to be making recommendations.

In order to make recommendations you need to have website traffic (people visiting your website).

In order to have traffic you need to have good information.

So how do you create and share this information?

What kind of website do you need to build?

You Need to Build a Themed Based Content Website: "An Authority Site"

What is an authority site?

An authority site is a website which covers a topic very well.

It has content (articles, videos, images) all about a specific topic or theme.

The content is mostly made up of keyword focused pages.

These pages rank well on Google and the other search engines which attract your visitors.

With all the great information the website has, it's seen as an authority by its visitors.

Therefore, when it makes a recommendation, people trust it.

Presell Your Website Visitors

As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to presell your visitors.

You create a "persona" for your website who is seen as the "friendly expert".

This persona can be real or fake. It can be you, or a made up character.

But the idea is that your persona is an expert on your website's topic. They supply great information and make recommendations.

They're seen as the friendly expert and they're trusted.

Start Earning Commissions

When you have a website that covers a topic very well, you will start to attract hundreds of visitors who are looking for information.

When these visitors find your website, you will instantly be seen as an authority.

When your content is delivered by a "friendly expert", your website visitors will be ready to listen to your recommendations.

The more recommendations you make, the more money you earn.

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