Are you struggling to find that perfect niche?

Well I want to reveal the secret to choosing a niche for affiliate marketing that will greatly enhance your chances of success.

This is also the best method to become bullet proof against any AI content.

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The Simple Secret to Finding Your Niche: Obsession

Here it is:

The secret to finding a niche for affiliate marketing is to find something you can get obsessed about.


Because you will fail forward until you succeed. 

If you're obsessed with your niche, you're going to learn the process of building a successful affiliate marketing business without giving up.

And once you master one niche, you can get obsessed with the process, and scale your online business to crazy levels.

Everyone who is super successful online is obsessed with their niche. 

This Brainstorming Exercise Will Help Reveal Some Potential Niches

Ask yourself these 6 questions and start to make a list of potential niches:

What do you talk to people about / watch on YouTube?
What kind of books do you read?
What hobbies do you have?
What problems do you currently have?
What do you have experience in?
What products do you buy?

Take Your List and Niche Down

When you get topics from this brainstorming exercise you will want to choose the best ones and niche down.

Here is the niching down formula:

Category > Specific Market > Specific Customer > Specific Pain Point

slide showing the process of niching down
slide showing the puppy niche

Here's Why This Works

When I did my brainstorming exercise, one of the topics I found was "French Bulldogs".

Here's why this would be a great niche for me:

I have a French Bulldog.

I can answer so many questions about owning this type of dog.

My family is obsessed with our dog and we talk about him constantly.

We spend money on him and have conducted tons of Google searches while we were raising him.

We had struggles with him as a puppy and we've had amazing moments with him and our new baby.

I could go on and on...

But what this shows is that I can create content in this niche that is unique.

I can share my personal stories and experiences that other people want to learn about.

Artificial Intelligence cannot compete with me. My content is much more valuable than something an AI tool can produce.

This is what you want to find in a niche.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Niche

The best way to get obsessed with a niche is to find one that you're passionate about, that you have interest in, or that you have experience in.

Those are the key components to consider. If you find something that you're really into, you can become the "person" in that niche and build a real brand.

When people start to recognize you as the go to source of information for a topic, you will become extremely successful.

Also, don't get caught up in trending topics. If you're a beginner, you're way better off focusing on something you're passionate about, rather than something that is trending this year.

Your Next Step:

In this article we talked about how important it is to choose a niche based on something you can get obsessed with. I would also recommend you check out my other guide on how to find your niche which goes into even more details you can use.

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