I don't pay for traffic, and neither should you.

You can build a full time income with just free traffic.

All you need to do is build something useful.

So let's cover the best sources of free traffic for affiliate marketing.

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How to Get Free Traffic? Build Something Useful!

The two best places to get free traffic are Google and YouTube.

For Google, you're going to get traffic to your website, and for YouTube, you're going to get traffic to your videos.

Here's the most important point:

The only way to get free traffic for affiliate marketing is to build something useful.

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I started building my first website back in 2007 and I struggled for so many years.

But I was finally able to get free traffic because I found a proven system that works.

Free traffic can be very lucrative, but you do need a system to make it work.

Google is the Most Visited Website in the World

Google gets something like 8 billion searches per day.

Many people are coming over to Google and searching for solutions to their problems.

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If you can solve their problems, you will be rewarded.

If you can create a useful website that targets someone's pain points and solves their problems, you will be rewarded with affiliate commissions.

This is your formula for success online.

I created a Mind Map that covers this specific strategy here.

YouTube: Educate or Entertain

The strategy for getting free traffic from YouTube is basically the same, however instead of building a website you're making videos.

You want to educate and or entertain.

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A common way to do affiliate marketing on YouTube is to create product reviews.

Many years ago I created a YouTube channel about electric shavers (I no longer work on this business).

People would watch my reviews and I would recommend they buy certain models. I put my Amazon affiliate links in the YouTube descriptions and I would earn commissions.

Create educational videos that solve a person's pain point, and get rewarded with affiliate commissions.

Your Next Step:

If you're a beginner to building traffic online, I would recommend you learn about an exact strategy that you can follow. Check out the first step you need to take to get started with affiliate marketing. 

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