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Dear Boss:
F**k You, Cheers

Become financially free so you can do what you want and stop taking orders from others. This is called F**k You Money.

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F**k You Money

Learn how you can start to live your life on your own terms. No more boss!

Video 2

Build A Real Business

Discover why affiliate marketing is your ticket for success in 2024.

Video 3

The Best Strategy

Learn exactly how to make the most money from your online business.

Video 4

The System

Get the step by step system for building a successful business from A to Z!

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    158 replies to "Video #1"

    • Sylvia

      Thanks for sharing your struggles and eventual success.
      You’re a real inspiration 😃

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks Sylvia. I’m hoping this training can be helpful, that’s the number 1 goal.

        • Noman Manzoor

          Dear Tyler Stokes,

          I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for the incredible job you’re doing with your affiliate marketing course. Your dedication to providing clear and easily understandable guidelines and lessons is truly commendable.

          It’s not always easy to navigate the world of affiliate marketing, but you have a unique talent for breaking down complex concepts and presenting them in a way that anyone can understand. Your teaching style is both approachable and informative, making the learning process enjoyable and accessible to all.

          Your course has been a valuable resource for me, and I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that I can apply to my own affiliate marketing endeavors. I’m truly impressed by your ability to simplify intricate strategies and make them digestible for beginners like myself.

          Thank you for sharing your expertise and helping aspiring affiliate marketers like me. Your passion for teaching shines through, and it’s evident that you genuinely care about your students’ success. Keep up the fantastic work, Tyler!

          Wishing you continued success and looking forward to learning more from you in the future.

          Best regards,
          Noman Manzoor

          • Tyler Stokes

            Thanks for the kind words Noman! All the best.

    • Peter Kennedy

      Hi Tyler, just watched your video, you had me laughing
      About your Dad and the Mad Russian as well
      Your story is inspiring. I had tried my hand at affiliate marketing but as my wife wanted to have real money, I failed to do what I intended so I went to towel

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Peter! Yeah I have a few other stories from my short time on the ships that are quite funny.

    • Emmanuel Akin

      I’m amazed at your growth and particularly how you were really confident of making it online. Our stories are quite similar, just that I’m yet to be successful as you’re. I’m an undergraduate in my finals who have no clear plan on life after school. I have no interest whatsoever in corporate job or employment. I’m just a bloke, who believes in the power of the internet to build a fortune. I know with the right step, effort and intention, I’ll build a sustainable income through affiliate marketing. I can’t wait to watch your next video. About my plans if I get F-money?. I’d travel to beautiful places all over the world, build a cozy home with my pets and possibly spouse and read a lot of books. I can’t wait for that reality.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hi Emmanuel. I found that consistency is such an important trait to make it online. This helps you continue to pursue business opportunities, even when things don’t go well, and when you do actually have a plan that works, you need to stay consistent to see any type of result. Everyone seems to have these “overnight” successes, but most of the time successful online entrepreneurs have just worked really hard and stayed consistent. So if you stay focused on this goal and this vision you have, and stay consistent in your work towards it, it’s just a matter of time. You don’t always hear this advice because it’s boring and it doesn’t sell books, but it works.

    • Makighoambi Rigobert

      Thanks for sharing this information. Courage to you.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hope you find it useful!

    • Tyler Stokes

      Hey Alwie. If you send me an email, I can give some feedback to you.

    • Sascha

      Hi Tyler. I have watched one of your affiliate videos a couple of years back and it did inspire me, to look into digital marketing in general. I was interested in trying to market certain books and also in travel tours, as I was a tour guide pre covid, but I couldn’t really get into where to start. Not sure if maybe the industries I chose were the issue. Looking forward to seeing what you have come up with. Thanks

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for the comment Sascha. Once you have a system to work with, and a full understanding of how affiliate marketing works with our specific strategy, it makes evaluating a topic much easier. So hopefully the next few videos help with this.

    • Roger

      Can ‘t wait to know more. I’ m interested in doing this business from a Cruise ship. And tell my Boss F you when he needs me most.
      Keep up the good work.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Roger. If you have a good internet connection, you can make use of your downtime and work on this kind of business for sure.

    • Mary

      Thanks for the information. I’m inspired that I want to really get into this online business. I’m quite struggling on the niche to start with. Anyhow I hope I will be able to find the niche I want to work with. Thank you for guiding and teaching us how to start it.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Mary thanks for the comment! We cover niche selection in this video series, so look out for the next videos!

    • Abdiaziz

      Thnk you a lot for sharing this really hate waking up early and rushing for work as an employee I hope with your help I end up this once and becoming an independent

      • Tyler Stokes

        One way to get back your time is to build some type of income stream where you DON’T need to trade your hours for a paycheck. An online business takes work initially, but when you’re successful you no longer need to punch a time card to get a paycheck. You have a business that is up and running 24/7. No more early mornings rushing to work!

    • Marc

      Thanks a lot for sharing these videos. I personally like you over other people. It is not because your training are free, but more informational compared to others. I hope I can venture the online business the way you did. I wish to not be thinking of how to manage my little salary every day.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Marc thanks for the kind words. I’ve taken so many courses so I’ve had a lot of time to think about exactly what I would personally want in a course and online training, and that’s what I’ve done here. So I’ve been in your shoes for sure. You can definitely follow in my steps, that’s why I put this training together. You just need to stay focused and consistent. That’s boring advice, but it works!

    • Ash

      Hi Tyler, your story is very inspirational. Thank you for sharing this video and giving your best to educate and guide us. Since my main goal is to learn more, it really help me to figure out how it works before I start my own. Thanks again.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Ash. Yes it’s so so important to first get a crystal clear understanding of how affiliate marketing works, and what your specific strategy will be. There are several “ways” or “strategies” to make affiliate marketing work, and in order to start on the right track, you need to really know what your strategy is. Then you can take the proper action steps. This seems so obvious but it’s overlooked way too often from beginners.

    • Daniel

      I’m most passionate about my family. Especially my daughter. With F**k you money I can properly raise my daughter into her best version of herself. I’m so excited.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for sharing Daniel. This has got to be one of the best reasons to start an online business: For your family.

    • Scott Navratil

      Hi Tyler,

      Really enjoyed your video and I appreciate how relatable you are to the common person. Your words and methods are straight to the point and insightful. I also like that you don’t talk fast! A lot of people that teach their affiliate ways are soooo fast in their speech and difficult to follow. At times it makes my mind go crazy. However, you bring the affiliate idea into perspective.

      I was wondering when I am able to see video 2? Just excited to see more!

      Thank you!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Scott thanks for the comment. The video player has a speed setting in case you need to speed up or slow down the video. Video 2 should get emailed in a few days! (Check your spam or promotions tab in Gmail – sometimes the emails get sent there by mistake 🙂

    • Dickson

      This journey is worth taking, thank you for the presentation. You have simplified it, making me to believe that I can make it irrespective of my past failures with failed blogs.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Dickson. Yes, failing is part of the process / journey. We all fail. Anyone who’s built an online business has made many mistakes along the way. Success comes when you can start avoiding mistakes, and continuing on. Believing you can do this is certainly a requirement or else you won’t take action. So the way I see it, you’re 2 for 2 right now!

    • Iseraela Teokoitu

      Hi thank you Tyler Stokes for sharing your stories
      Right now I want to learn how to actually build the business e.g.connect platforms or links and everything else to make sure I get paid.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey thanks for the comment. Signing up for affiliate programs, and copying and pasting the links on to your site is straightforward and super easy. It’s the other steps which are more important and where most people make mistakes which are hard to fix.

    • Paul kelvin

      I can’t wait to know more. The video really inspired me and I’m interested about this business. I will be very happy if you can be my coach.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Paul, glad you found this useful. Keep an eye on your email. The next videos will be emailed to you once they’re ready.

    • Ronny

      Great content!

    • Janice Adedeji

      Thanks Tyler for sharing your story. I have always been afraid to do anything online for years. Affiliate marketing was a no no but with your videos I believe my mind set will be transformed for the best. I do sincerely desire financial freedom.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Having an online business can certainly be a path for people to reach financial freedom. I hope that this training can help you truly see yourself building and creating this type of business. Having that belief that you can do it is essential for taking the action steps needed.

    • marianne

      Hi Tyler,

      Thank you for creating these videos and really explaining affiliate marketing. I am ready to start and build a life for myself and my children. I have always struggled and I’m so tired of it. I was where you were—stuck in a job to please everyone else but me.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Marianne, thanks for sharing. Seems like you’re ready to take action so that’s great. An online business can definitely be life changing. There are many kinds of “online businesses” you can do. My goal with this training is to share my story and exactly what I’ve done, so you can envision yourself doing the same, and thus actually get started.

    • Ayush Kumar

      omg .you helped me a lot. i researched a lot for affiliate marketing but never got these types of content .so randomly i was searching for affiliate marketing course but it was very costly i can’t afford.then i entered udemy website. there what was i see that you giving us free course of affiliate marketing course.I thought that was some kind of fake videos and not helpful. but when i watched your first video it gave me a shock damn.in that video all my doubts are cleared.and i am very thankful for you .thankyou very much for providing us such a great knowledge with 0 cost.and once again thankyou. <3

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey glad you’re finding this useful. This is the new and updated version the Udemy training, so I’m happy you found this.

    • Hellen Kihara

      Hi Tyler
      Thanks for sharing your strategy. Am really looking forward to the day i will be up and running and making F You money.
      I would like you to advise me on the Name i want to operate on,
      Should the name be registered?
      If you can help me start off i will be grateful.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Hellen, thanks for the comment. Over the next week or so I’ll be emailing you the next few videos. In the training you will get an outline which explains exactly how to get started. So the training will help answer questions like this. Thanks!

    • Bob Nazaro

      It sounds la little like my story.
      I retired in 2019, and went back to work to make more money.
      I have had an Amazon online store that didn’t work out, mainly due to the excessive fees i paid them. Years before that, I got involved with a company that did drop shipping. That was working out, but we spent more money on advertising, than we made on product. (internet was not so popular back then, and we spent a lot of money on magazine ads. I have been searching for a legitimate, affordable affiliate marketing opportunity. for a long time. That was when i came across your course. Yours is the first course that really starts at the beginning, with helpful information that can easily become overwhelming if not explained as well and as clearly you do. Kudos to you 🙂

    • Jeanette

      By just watching you Tyler, I have hopes that I can do this. Thanks for speaking so clearly and looking forward for next videos.

    • SR

      love where this is going, when do we actually lock the other videos?

      • Tyler Stokes

        Keep an eye on your email. Will send the next videos over the next week or so.

    • Aaron Margolis

      Hello Tyler.
      Thank you for the first video. Very interesting. I also read your 5 Steps guide.
      I am interested in video #2.
      All the best.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Awesome, glad you found it useful. Video #2 is coming your way soon, keep an eye on your email over the next few days.

    • Ran

      It was really most inspiring video with raw information and really excited to be with you sir till the last!!!!!!
      Thank you so much for sharing us this course, I will definitely try to get maximum out of this full course. 🙂

    • Ramesh Bandi

      Hi Tyler
      A great content for those who are in need and inspiring a lot. Waiting for next video.Much interested in doing this

    • Sothsay Pathoumsat

      You’re awesome for doing this! About time I found something that’ll help me get over the hump! I truly need that F-YOU money! Spend more time with my daughters!! When can we expect video 2?

      • Tyler Stokes

        Great reason to get this going! Video 2 should get emailed to you in 2 or 3 days. Over the next week all the training will get emailed to you.

    • Kenneth Hairston

      I appreciate you providing info on how to make money online for FREE. I. Am going stay focus on you and stay away from the next shining object. I am just hungry.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Yes. Focus on one thing, and get good at it. This is important.

    • Diadem

      I’m glad YouTube recommended your video. Your story is truly inspiring. The information you put together is all i’ve been searching for. Thank you and can’t wait for the next video.

    • Kingsley

      Hi Tyler, what an inspiring video. I just started affiliate marketing 1 month ago and I am as motivated as I can be. I believe your strategy of building a theme based website, not all the stuff around just using social media handles. I look forward to the next video.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Kingsley. Yes, starting with a website is the best approach in my opinion. There are so many tutorials about all these “tactics” using social media which are just not scalable or sustainable. You want to build a real business. This strategy is best, and if your topic warrants a social media presence then sure you can build that. But building a foundation on a social media platform is not ideal for affiliate marketing in my opinion.

    • mike

      I really need to succeed in affiliate marketing I always fail and I spent too much money but I never generated a penny lol. it even makes me laugh, I want to prove to those around me that it works and I’m going to do it. thank you for these videos

    • Hellen Kihara

      Hi Tyler, what an inspiring video. Am really where you were before starting on your affiliate marketing. Am ready to start with your guidance. I appreciate the effort to pass this knowledge. Looking forward to getting my financial freedom.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey thanks for the comment. Keep an eye on your email for the next videos. I will be emailing you the links so keep an eye out for them this week!

    • Sheela Narayan

      Thanks a lot for sharing your real life experience, it has definitely given me a nudge to pursue in Affiliate marketing. It’s really inspirational and only few people will pass the knowledge like you do. Thanks again

    • JoJo

      Hello Tyler,

      Thank you for this video, it is very inspiring and informative and I also enjoyed learning more about you and your personal stories. I am interested in learning this business but I have to admit I am scared and nervous as I have zero skills or knowledge about it. I took a break from work (sick leave) and would love to pursue that freedom of working from wherever I want. I work with immigrants, refugees in relation to social housing and it is becoming overwhelming and I wanted to take a step back.
      You mentioned in the video that some people tell you that they are not passionate about anything or they are not experts in anything. I would say I am not an expert in anything but I do have interests. I am not an expert in my interests which is why I am nervous and stressed about how can I make this work, but I am eager to watch your next videos to understand how I can build a website based on my interest when I have zero expertise on it.
      Looking forward and thank you again!!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for the comment. Remember that everyone who started an online business was a beginner at some point. We all started somewhere and had to learn and grow, so don’t be scared. You don’t have to be an expert when you start. But when you publish anything online about your interest, it doesn’t take long for you to be perceived as the friendly expert especially when you use the strategy we are going to cover.

    • Emmanuella

      Thanks Tyler for sharing this brilliant piece with me, it was so inspiring going from a zero level to the F**k you money level and being able to achieve your dreams and spend quality time with your family. That’s exactly what I’ve been looking forward to; financial freedom, this was really helpful and I hope to get further videos from you. Thanks a million.

    • Monique

      Hi Tyler, thank you for sharing your story. I found it inspiring how you changed your whole life and followed your dreams. I am in a position at the moment where I am ending my studies and have a tremendous amount of student debt that I have to pay off. I do not see myself working for someone else, the whole idea of the corporate world is very off-putting for me. I want to have time freedom and create my own schedule. I do not want to live life, paycheck to paycheck. I want to be financially independent and be able to afford everything I want for myself and my family.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Monique thanks for the comment. Unfortunately so many people are in your position. In my opinion, having your own business is really the most straight forward way for the average person to break out from the demands and limitations of a typical 9 to 5 job. So you need to start something if you want to get out of debt and move towards financial freedom. Right now, I do believe an online business is the best way to go. This training highlights my strategy.

    • Danno

      Thanks Tyler, looking forward to learning more about affiliate marketing. I have built my website already and just found your information. I haven’t had many hits on my website so I’m trying to get things going. It’s been a crazy few months, just hoping that my website gets views and affiliate links are clicked. Thanks for the video!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey glad you’re here. Doing this in the right order is key, so I hope this material helps you get a clear picture on the entire process!

    • Candace

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping others to succeed.
      I am interested in learning affiliate marketing or some kind of online business so I can move closer home to take care of my aging parents. I need to be free of time , be able to work from anywhere, and make a decent living.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for sharing Candace. Online businesses can help you achieve all these things.

    • gordon kirshman

      Hi Tyler and thank you for an eye opening on just how to become successful with affiliate marketing. Look forward to the additional video presentations.

    • Ron

      Hello Tyler,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I agree that owning your own business is the way to go. As a 20+ year IT professional, I’m ready to do my own thing and stop living on what someone else is willing to give me. I have already secured a domain and hosting but I’m not sure of the next steps. I am a plan and process type of person. So having a game plan is very important for me.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hi Ron. So many people make mistakes because they rush into starting an online business. I would recommend you review all the material and have a plan in place and strategy you understand before taking any action steps. I hope this training will help you.

    • Grace

      Hi Tyler
      Thanks for sharing. It is inspirational to hear. I am very new to affiliate marketing so I am trying to find the courage to move forward. I barely know how to handle my word press website. I am not technical at all so I go to YT for wordpress tuturials and so forth.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Grace. I am constantly looking up things for WordPress. Trust me you don’t have to be an expert to get started at all.

    • Mary

      I have tried two MLM companies, but I just don’t want to get out there and sell stuff. I’m currently a high school art teacher who teaches 6 different art classes, and works basically for free. I have done a ton of soul searching as to why I keep teaching for while getting paid so little. It’s the students. I do it for them. They need positive people who can teach them how to overcome adversity. I have tried working a second job, but it’s just too much. I NEED affiliate marketing to work, so I can continue being there for the students. I anxiously await your next video.

      • Tyler Stokes

        I bet you can find a way to transfer what you teach into a profitable affiliate marketing business. If you have the knowledge and skills to teach art, you can leverage the internet and reach so many more people. Once you offer value online, you will receive it in return. This is how you “make money”.

    • Kenny

      I’ve wanted to do affiliate marketing ever since I first learned about it and that was a very long time ago; however, the main platform for it at the time was Clickbank. Before I started marketing any Clickbank products, I decided to purchase some. Big Mistake! I could not find even one that was worth purchasing. So then I started buying from JVZoo. Next big mistake! All junk. Then I moved on to WarriorPlus. Big mistake number 3. Needless to say, I decided a long time ago that I’m certainly not going to promote something that I wouldn’t use myself. Then I could not find any affiliate marketing training that didn’t have methods in it that I absolutely was not interested in doing, so I kept giving up, deciding that it wasn’t for me. But I just love the affiliate marketing concept in that you can do the work once to set it all up and then it makes money all by itself. It’s the perfect business model when or if you can find the perfect way to promote it. So I’m honestly not ready to give up yet. I have believed all along that using a website is probably the best way to promote products, but there just isn’t a lot of education out there on that. So, I’m really hoping that I have finally found it with your method, Tyler. I’m looking forward to learning this your way. Thanks for all that you do!

    • Meir

      Can ‘t wait to know more. I’ m interested in doing this business many years now but didn’t had the courage to start it. I hope with your guidance I’ll start.


      Wow I’ve been so damn confused on the affiliate concept no one out there will just TELL U WHAT TO DO EXACTLY what to do thank you for getting down to it . I think I’m actually starting to get it.

      • Tyler Stokes

        This is a big reason why I put this training together. It’s hard to find some clear transparent information on it. Hope you find it useful.

    • Mohammed Kassim

      What a inspirational start can’t wait to learn from you, I’m also a University graduate and currently have no plan where to start from, but I think with your help I will really make it through affiliate marketing. Waiting for the second video. Thank you.

    • Elijah Ruth

      Hi Tyler, you inspired me a lot and never to give up as a beginner, not knowing how to start and where to start, but i will keep pushing till i get there. Thank you so much.

      • Tyler Stokes

        This is super important. Consistency and staying the course is vital for success in any business!

    • Israel Isaac

      Hello Tyler, I’m a freshman in collage with no plan for the future. I’ve been trying to figure out how affiliate marketing works and how I can use affiliate marketing to allow me to maintain a full time income online. I hope I can learn from you and apply what I learn.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Israel. I started in college too. I would recommend that you do your best to finish school and work on something on the side. Staying consistent is probably the hardest and most important thing for you right now. If you can work on something for even a few hours a day, after 1 year you will be so much further along! And if you can spend all your free time on it, you will be even further. You gotta make good use of your time!

    • Gabriel

      Many thanks Tyler for your inspiring message. If the following videos are on the same clarity, I am sure I can finally succeed in Affiliate Marketing.
      I am eagerly waiting for your 2nd video, and I would like that you’ll be my mentor.
      Thanks again.

    • Sharon

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge about how you achieved your financial freedom. I must admit leaving a comment and email address is great way of expanding your network. I’m learning a lot from you. Thank you for speaking so clearly. Cheers!

    • Merle

      Good information, and story. Looking forward to earning my first commission. Thank you for being there, and sharing your experience.

    • Asan

      Hi Tyler, I am an electrical engineering graduate. I’m currently struggling with life and career. After getting chance into engineering in a good university, I was being respected by my friends. But unfortunately now I am being neglected and looked down upon cause I have no job. I hope this course helps!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Yeah I would recommend not to take career advice from people who are not doing exactly what you want to do. You need to find friends online that have the same mentality and goals as you. Your other friends will probably not support you when you say you want to start an online business, but that’s totally normal. Find some mentors online and just work on this privately. This stuff is not rocket science, so if you can do engineering you can make this work. It’s more about staying consistent and doing a lot of work upfront before seeing results. That’s the hardest part.

    • James Kasyamani

      Thanks so much for your inspiring first video.
      This is what I have been looking for for a long time.
      You are godsend to remove me from financial struggling to financial freedom.
      I believe I’ll do all that your training tells me to do.
      I sincerely look forward to giving my testimony.
      Thanks a million!

    • Jakob

      Hello Tyler, I’m just wanting to be able to do things that I love and make memories with my family. I’ve been trying to figure out how affiliate marketing works and how I can use affiliate marketing to allow me to maintain a full time income online. I hope I can learn from you and apply what I learn.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Awesome, great to hear Jakob. I hope this training helps you!

    • Carson

      I am looking to create a sustainable income and not having to work a job for the rest of my life and I am trying to do what I love any day I want to and not have to go to work when I could be doing things I love and creating a great life for myslef.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Having your own online business can help you work on something that you actually love and are passionate about. You need your own thing!

    • Abdikarim

      Hi Tyler, I am from somalia can I start affiliate marketing if so what obstacles can face me from the location prospect.

      Thank you for your inspiration.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Yes you can start as long as you have internet access. I think the biggest obstacle is receiving commissions. You will need something like PayPal or Payoneer and you will need to work with affiliate partners that can pay money to you via these services or to your bank. Also, you should build a business that doesn’t focus on your local market, but rather the world. Anyone can make a website and target people in North American, Europe and anywhere else. This is what you should do. The challenge I believe is just getting paid in your local currency / bank or whatever access you have for receiving payments.

    • Rich

      I like your material. I already have an online component of my business with an online zoom Tai-Chi program. I am interested in how to make the next step to move forward with affiliate marketing.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Rich. Sounds like you might be able to build an authority site about Tai-Chi to complement this business and potentially promote other products and services regarding the niche. Having an authority site about Tai-Chi will no doubt boost your current sales.

    • Rod Wells

      Hi Tyler

      I’m enjoying your videos and appreciate the free advice.

      I didn’t realise that websites are still effective, given the surge in sales funnels and landing pages.

      I have a financial and investment advisory business which I’m wanting to ‘convert’ into an online affiliate marketing business by writing content and using affiliate links, to subscription investment publications. I haven’t yet researched the viability of this model, but hope it could work.

      Thanks again for your free training.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hi Rod. Looks like it’s worth looking into leveraging your existing business into this system. Sales funnels and landing pages work, but they also need a source of traffic which is usually paid advertising (not always). It’s just a different online approach. This system is about accessing free traffic from Google through content. Once you have this, you can recommend products with affiliate marketing, or you can push your traffic to landing pages and sales funnels. At the core, this system is about getting traffic from Google through organic rankings.

    • Jon

      Thank you for sharing the information you make it very easy to understand.

    • Naz

      Hi Tyler

      I’m enjoying your videos and appreciate the free resources & advice. I have been struggling to find a good content about affiliate but think I could find the right one now. I just wonder people are doing affiliate to use paid advertising so how
      we could be survive in this competition? Thanks again for your free training.



      • Tyler Stokes

        Hi Naz, glad you’re finding the material useful. Paid ads are just one way to do affiliate marketing. You don’t need to use them, and there is plenty of opportunity to gain free traffic so you don’t need them. Right now we don’t teach or discuss paid ads so I wouldn’t worry about them.

    • Jac

      Hello. I’m excited to find someone that teaches the importance of a website. I’ve always wanted to get into affiliate marketing but I knew without having a domain i’d be risking it all. Looking forward to the rest of this course and what all I will be able to accomplish. Truly thank you.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Exactly! The other platforms work, don’t get me wrong, but a website is the foundation of your business. In the future we might discuss more about affiliate marketing on Twitter or YouTube (both require different strategies), but I would really do those as a secondary thing. Start with a website, master that, then if it makes sense branch out. That’s the best approach in my opinion, and the easiest.

    • Anthony

      Hi Tyler,
      I want to start by saying thank you for your information, which I find to be unique, educational, and inspiring. I have been researching affiliate marketing, and the majority of youtubers and mentors use the same strategy (social media and paid traffic). I’m hoping that your program will be successful for everyone who uses it.
      Thanks again for the free instruction.

    • William Carter

      I am retired and am looking to build an online affiliate business. My problem is I have no idea how to start or what products to market. Your 1st video was awesome and I crave much more. Thanks

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey William, glad it was useful. Best place to start is to figure out your strategy. Affiliate marketing is a tool and just a way to monetize. What you need to focus on is your strategy for getting traffic. This training discusses that exact thing. So best place to start is with your game plan.

    • Al Forget

      Hi Tyler,

      I’ve been binge-watching your content since yesterday. I like the way you present the affiliate information. There are SO many affiliate programs out there that charge thousands of dollars. But before buying a program I figured to learn more about affiliate marketing and you are explaining everything thoroughly. I’ve asked to join your FB group and am looking forward to starting my affiliate career. I’ve been mining for the past 22 years and it’s time to change my path and become a successful business owner. I am looking forward to some more of your guidance.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Awesome Al. So glad this is helpful! Looking forward to talking with you in the group.

    • Shari

      How would my life change?

      I am a dxd multiple sclerosis patient on Social Security for over 20 years. I have been in search of an independent source of income for years now. Other affiliate marketing programs or e-commerce-type programs were either too confusing to learn (when it comes to generating traffic) or too expensive. I am confident affiliate marketing will help me reach my goal of independent financial security and overall independence.

      After paying off debt and getting much needed dental work, the first thing I would to is invest in both common and preferred stock, the latter for added financial security. After that, I would invest in land (a home of my own, something that gains equity) then, I would venture out to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Scotland and Costa Rica to get my adventure on!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Shari, sounds like you have some amazing plans! Thanks for sharing.

    • Danijel

      This is a wonderful. Thank you very much.

    • Joshua

      Thank You for taking the time to make these videos, I have been working a maintenance job for some time and I am really tired of the $16 an hour every two weeks job and the attitude that I deal with on a daily basis with my boss. I want to be able to be my own boss and buy my first home instead of renting, to be able to travel. And to be able to help my family and friends without being scared to go broke. Thanks again for helping people like myself.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Joshua. From my personal experience and after studying many others, the best way to break away from your 9-5 is with an online business. Here we are showing you one example “affiliate marketing together with ranking a website on Google”, however there are many other options. The point is, your own online business can be your path to financial freedom. You need some type of “business” that can make you more money. Building one online is a great place to start.

    • kennis morgan

      Thank you for helping others. I have been struggling getting started for months. Watching your videos have been so helpful. I hope I can get to the point where I can stay home and have financial freedom to do many things with my family.

    • Neal

      Hi Tyler,
      I appreciate your videos and I feel like I have just wasted my time on how to get started. I have been selling online and print advertising for years to Real Estate agents. I want F U money to get out of this almost 24 year old job. My technical skills and trying to build my own website is just terrifying to me.I did watch your video’s on Udemy which were great and just need alot of redundancy on the steps because it is overwhelming to me. Selling part will be the easy, just getting started will be the tough part.

    • Joy Cherry

      Hey Tyler, your story is so inspiring, I have being dreaming of being my own boss so I can be able to meet my needs without depending on someone else for support and then get disappointed, I also need to affect life’s positively if I can have FU money , then end the stress of waking up so early and getting so stressed back from work so late at night.. I have alot to establish for my self and family so to end poverty, it’s really our big challenge. I wish you can help me achieve this dream

    • Josephine Mahu

      What do you mean when you say “understand your platform”? Thank you.

      • Tyler Stokes

        This means you need to understand how you will be delivering content on the internet. Our strategy focuses on starting with a website. Other strategies for content creation are Twitter, YouTube videos, advertisements and so on. All these platforms can monetize with “affiliate marketing”. So you need to understand how your platform will deliver content, attract visitors, and THEN you can monetize with affiliate marketing. This training focuses on building a useful informational website as the platform.

    • hilary

      I love how you slowly talk and take time to really explain things in detail. You are a great teacher. I know one because I’m a school teacher. 🙂 Unfortunately, teachers are not paid well. That is why I’m looking for other ways to augment my income. I know that Affiliate Marketing is the answer, through a good mentor like you. I hope you can help me. I’m stuck at looking for a profitable niche that I can focus on. I really need help.

    • Jen

      Hi Tyler
      Its more than “ Fu” money , its being able to afford the basics , which are even those are becoming out of reach as of late for many , But once I’m up and running to be able to work from Anywhere in the world and not be stuck paying outrageous prices for “ Just the basics” also life is way to short and You can always make money but we can never get your time back

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Jen, so true about your time. Starting your own online business is a lot of work but it’s so worth it because it’s one of the best ways to able to control how you spend your time, especially when you think long-term. But you can’t get there overnight.

    • Carole Hall

      Hi Tyler,
      I’ve just watched your 1st video. I did your free course yesterday as well and downloaded your 5-step blueprint which is my go to ‘bible’. I love listening to you and hearing everything you have to teach on Affiliate Marketing. I’m new to online marketing in any form and so your teaching is music to my ears. I was retrenched and so now I’m looking for a new way to earn a living, and hopefully, FU-Money. I can’t wait to watch your 2nd video. They are beautifully done, clean, watchable and very enjoyable. So thank you for your time, expertise and willingness to share. It’s much appreciated. Carole. 🙂

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Carole, thanks for the message. If you have any questions at all please ask. I hope you find the rest of the training useful. I’m here to help!

    • Isabel

      Absolutely great story to start this course! My main objective here is to become financially independent, and affiliate marketing seems to be the route for me. Even though I am not great at writing content, and I won’t be able to hire someone to do it for me just yet. I hope I get to learn enough to make a business out of it.

    • victor

      Hi Tyler, just watched your 1st video it was really interesting looking forward to the second video…. and your 5 Steps Blueprint is really remarkable.

    • Angie

      Your story is inspiring! The “why” for getting started with any business is so important! I’m determined to start an affiliate marketing business to free my time, create abundance in my life and take better care of myself, my family and other important relationships in my life. Thanks for creating and sharing this content!!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Awesome to hear! An online business can definitely help achieve these things!

    • Amber

      There wouldn’t be any stress or arguments about money. Bills would be paid with money left over for things that aren’t groceries. We’d have a savings for emergencies, etc. My husband would be able to quit his job and we’d be able to do the things we would like to do with our family. We would definitely have our independence.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Great reasons to look at starting your own online business for sure!

    • Judah

      First off, I just want to say Wow.

      Your message was truly received, I understand clearly now what I must do.
      F-ck you Money is the Type of Money I’ve been working for my entire life.
      I just turned 21 and I’m tired of not being able to be financially free, not being able to take care of my mother and family, not being able to do whatever I want, when I want, tired of struggling to care of my girlfriend financially, not being able to get food whenever I want, not being able to travel whenever I want, when I want, not being able to buy as much drinks as I can at a party or event, not being able to buy a car, Money isn’t everything, but It definitely can help a lot of shit going on in my life. I been in my feelings up in my head too much trying to figure out what is best for me to do, but something about the energy and passion you brought to this presentation makes me feel like I finally found what to do.

      I truly thank you; I hope I get to speak you along my journey and hopefully after my success! I know things don’t happen overnight, but each night I’ll be trying my best learning more until I’m Finally able to run A Successful Online Affiliate Business, and later on learn how to run Multiple and to be able to share my success story with others.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey great message Judah, thanks for sharing. Dedicated the next 5 years to building an online business and work at it every single minute you can, and you’ll be set for life before you’re 30. Trust me, put in all the work NOW before you have a family and other commitments. You will be glad you did.

    • Keith

      Hey Tyler,
      You are a breath of fresh air, it’s very nice to come across someone willing to help people achieve financial security just because they care. I’ve been on my online business adventure going on six years now and so far I’ve had zero achievements, all I’ve known is failure. I keep plugging away, I’m definitely not a spring chicken as to say I didn’t grow up with computers, so I don’t know my way around as well as I wish. I do believe your 5 Step Blueprint is the path I’ve been working towards, just obstacle after obstacle trying to get there. F**k you money would go a long ways in my life, as my wife has been the only bread winner in our household for quite some time. I’d love to be able to take the stress of bills and lack of finances off her plate and take her on that well deserved vacation she desperately needs.

    • raj

      Hi, Tyler! I’m about to be in college, and I think I’ll be having a hard time learning & handling affiliate marketing and school as I’m not very good with multitasking and time management, but you’ve inspired me— money inspires me, too! I am scared and I do not want to grow up burdened with money problems and like other adults who cannot enjoy life due to financial insecurity that’s why while still young, I am trying to find ways to earn money while learning in school that won’t make me fail my grades because distractions and consistency. I am sorry if I have ever offended someone, I do not mean to offend. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it so much!!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey thanks for the comment. Stick with school, but spend all your free time learning and building an online business. You will not regret it. You have a lot of time, but trust me, it’s way easier to work a ton and create your own business when you’re young with no family and other responsibilities. Work your ass off now, because it’s harder to do later in life. Again, you might not want to, but if you spend all your free time working on your own online business, you will be so glad you did in a few years.

    • John Farrell

      Hi Tyler,
      I’ve just watched Video #1 and found it very interesting and intriguing. Your story is inspiring and I’m looking forward to following your journey.

    • Stephanie Tai

      Kia Ora (Hello) Tyler,
      Thank you for your informative video and for sharing your personal stories and success with us all, truly inspiring. If I had a successful online business I would have more time focusing on family life and my own overall healing journey as well as having the time to work on all my little hobbies and interests. I have watched a few videos and searched for courses elsewhere but your content has been most informed and you just stood out from the rest. So thanks again for sharing all your hard work and efforts with us.

      Mauri Ora.

    • Mudassir

      Thank you so much, Tyler for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring story.
      I have started your affiliate marketing course. Hope I will learn a lot from your precious knowledge.

    • Michael

      Thanks Tyler, I have taken a few affiliate Marketing courses and I get the process, and I have a couple business plans, half a dozen domains. But my real problem is setting up a website or blog on my own. I know I can hire someone on Fiverr! I want to do it myself is that what your course is?

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Michael. Video 4 explains this in more detail. But yes, there is a whole Module dedicated to building a website with WordPress on your own. It’s totally doable and I would recommend learning this rather than outsourcing when you start. So that is certainly covered, along with the other important steps involved in this strategy.

    • Patrick McGill


      I first discovered your course on Udemy and really like the manner in which you deliver the information. Upon completing the Udemy course, I did as suggested and joined the FB group, subscribed to your YT channel, and have received 3 of the 4 emails thus far.

      You asked that we leave a message describing how earning an income online would be beneficial. Man to man, I believe that I could damn near bring you to tears if I went in to detail about my life’s journey that lead me to where I am today. I would really like to share some of my story to give some background depth, if you sincerely care to know, but I do not feel comfortable doing so here.

      That being said, I don’t think I can emphasize enough what a difference finding success in affiliate marketing would have, not only on my life, but all the people that I hold dear.

      If you truly want to know the impact that succeeding would have on my life, let me know and I’ll be happy to share with you directly. Thank you for providing the content you do and all your efforts to help others succeed.

      Best of luck on all your life’s endeavors. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Best Regards,

    • Scott

      Hi Tyler, I watched your videos about Affiliate Marketing on your free course on Udemy. Thought i would check these out in the email you sent. Thanks for your insight. Great to know your just a regular guy too. Can’t wait to see more.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Totally a regular guy. In fact that’s a huge secret. Most of the successful people online are just average guys and gals who simply work hard and stay consistent. It’s not rocket science, it just takes a lot of work and perseverance.

    • Tarik

      Thanks, Tyler for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring story.
      I learned a lot from your precious knowledge.

    • Ian Bullock

      Hi Tyler and thank you for what you have done, and are continuing to do. I am a 78-year-old Vietnam Veteran who has a Vietnamese Family that is much younger than me. I have been retired from a successful Marketing Career for nearly 30 years but have spent the last 2 years researching the online world with a view to setting up a passive income stream for my family after I am gone. Everything that I have seen from you, so far, fits in with everything that I have learned, and believe in. I am impressed with finding a marketer who understands that it is about giving, and not receiving. In fact in giving you find that you end up with even more to give. Thank you Tyler for being the person that you are and doing what you are doing. I look forward to learning from you.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for the comment Ian. Glad you are finding the training useful!


      Hi Tyler,
      I loved it when you said “Be passionate about what works”. I am going on this journey for 2 months now and I have a hard time finding what I am passionate about, that particular “niche”.
      I created all the platforms on my own, but don’t promote anything significant for the moment.
      I never realized that when we work for someone we promote what they want us to sell for a few euro’s in our hands. While they are making a ton of money from us. I don’t think bosses even like what they produce as long as the money comes in!
      I am not in it for the money. I am in it for that one life project satisfaction, that you know is yours and that will work (finally). Yes this is my 3rd attempt.
      Thank you for your help.
      Francesco (Italy)

    • Tori

      Hi Tyler,

      I enjoyed learning more about you and how you got started.

      Financial freedom would be fantastic because it would mean being able to be present for my kids and building the home that we so hope to have. It would also mean taking away monetary insecurity that tends to pop up sometimes. I really just want to build a successful business, homeschool my kids, and enjoy life.


    • BB

      Hello Tyler,

      Thank you for providing your free video training. I just finished watching your first video, and I feel inspired.


    • Ruth

      Hi Tyler:
      Thank you providing this information. I have been familiar with affiliate marketing for several years now. I actually dabbled in it in 2015 and was beginning to make some money. The funny thing is that at the time I made about $600.00 a month in pay-per-click which paid about a penny per each click ( I believe there are no such programs any more) so I know this works. You are so right about not owning your platform! I used Pinterest as my platform. In any case although I did not get cancelled in Pinterest life got in the way and I was not able to keep producing posts everyday and finally gave up, so I also know your stages are correct. I got bogged down in the valley of despair. Life has calmed down substantially now that I am retired and I am ready to start again. I am mostly doing this to create generational wealth and to help my daughter out. I watched your YouTube videos and absolutely appreciate how clearly and concisely you present the information. I am looking forward to begin this journey with the information you present here. Once again; thank you!

    • David Clester

      Hey Tyler, this is my second attempt at affiliate marketing. I took another course before taking yours on Udemy, but it was all to confusing. Where I need the most help is creating the website. I feel like I have my niche figured out, I just need to know how to build the site and placement of the affiliate ads or links. Ay help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks for your videos!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey David. There are many tutorials on YouTube which will help you run through the whole process of setting up a website. Most affiliate marketers use WordPress and a premium theme like GeneratePress. I see a lot of beginners jump in and launch their site without properly researching their niche so just keep that in mind. You really need to do keyword research before setting up your site in my opinion.

    • Naj

      Hi Tyler, your course is super easy to follow and comprehend. This venture is new to me and its something I want to make work for me. Thanks for giving me the motivation to get started.

    • Todd

      Hi Tyler. just watched video number 1. I’ve been meaning to get into affiliate marketing for ever. You seem to be the guy! Your easy to listen to. I’am motivated to learn your systems. Looking forward to this adventure!!

    • Mohamed Gad

      Hi Tyler,

      I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your exceptional teaching in the affiliate marketing course. Your approach is refreshingly simple yet incredibly effective, and I’ve gained immense value from your expertise in this area. Your guidance has not only helped me understand the intricacies of affiliate marketing but has also significantly will contribute to my success in e-commerce. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making a profound impact on my journey. Millions of gratitudes to you!

      Best regards,
      Mohamed Gad

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