M8 - L5 - Expanding Your Reach

The goal of this course is to create an authority website and monetize it with affiliate offers.

However, in this day and age, it's clear that relying on one traffic source is not recommended for many types of niches. So we want to eventually expand our brand on to other platforms.

What's great about this course, is that the first 4 modules help you research and create a content marketing plan for a business that you're extremely passionate about. This is an important step no matter what platform you're building content on.

There will come a time when you should take your website content (blog / articles) and repurpose it on to another platform, or several others.

There's no best time to do this, and there's no best other platform. I personally believe that most beginners should build at least 50 content pieces on their website before repurposing on other platforms. But this is not a rule. You can build content on your site, and then repurpose it on other platforms as I do in the Case Study lesson.

However, as a beginner you don't want to get overwhelmed and spread yourself too thin. Only you will know what's best for you.

What's great about building web content first, is that it is generally a good template to use for other platforms. A well researched and created article can be spun off into various other content forms.

You can use your blog article as a reference when recording a podcast or filming a YouTube video (I do this in the Case Study). You can use AI to help re-write your article for platforms like LinkedIn (I do this as well). You can use parts of your article to create posts on X, or snippets for short form content platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

The point is, researching and building an article first will give you the most options for repurposing your content on other platforms, as opposed to doing it the other way around in my opinion.

Keep in mind, some topics might not be suitable for other platforms, and some niches might not work well for specific platforms.

Specifically building a business on these other platforms is beyond the scope of this course, however using this course for content planning is highly recommended. In the future we may have recommendations for building on other platforms.

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Action Steps

Understand the benefits of repurposing content.
Watch the Case Study.

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