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Here are the details regarding this case study:

It follows the course material but with less detail. If you have not gone through the entire course that is still the place to start. The case study will eventually incorporate building a brand on other platforms (YouTube, a podcast, and other social media sites). In 2024 and beyond, this is something you should do if it makes sense for your niche, but I would personally recommend you get your site up and running (50 to 100 articles) before re-purposing your content on other platforms. As a beginner, you don't want to get overwhelmed! Once your site is up and running and you have a good workflow established where you're producing regular content, then look to build your brand on other platforms.

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Affiliate marketers don’t build in public for various reasons.

They most likely don’t want to reveal their niches which makes sense. There’s usually no benefit to sharing your site online with an audience of other marketers.

But I’m not worried about people copying my niche or my site, because this case study approach is actually going to be very unique.

The first reason to do this case study is for demonstration purposes, however the other reason for building out this online business serves as an outlet for me to learn the material of the niche.

So it’s really a win-win. I’m studying the material in this niche, and need to learn all the material, so building an authority site about the subject will help me, and by doing this I can share all the steps for this case study.

Time-frame and Expectations

This is a long term business venture. Many of the important set up lessons will be completed in a relatively short time frame, however this is a venture I plan on working on for many years.

The niche is very competitive, and if I didn't have a vested interest in learning the material, I might not have chosen this niche.

The main goal of the case study is to demonstrate the various steps in setting up and building out the business.

What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Fail?

In November 2023, I came across a video titled: I Asked a $15BN Investor for Life Advice

The main takeaways from this video for me were:

- What would I do if I couldn’t fail?
- You can accomplish anything in 5 to 10 years. ANYTHING.

So when you’re thinking about your niche, ask yourself this question.

If you really want to build a business in the “fill in the blank” niche, and you give yourself 5 to 10 years, you can absolutely do it.

Don’t let fear hold you back from choosing the niche that is right for you. Passion is what counts. You need to be obsessed with your niche to succeed.

When I evaluate my list of niches, one jumps out at me.

This was much more clear after asking myself this question, and giving myself a long time-frame.

So the niche for this case study is Day Trading.

Wealth > Investing > Day Trading > How to Become a Day Trader

The Protégé Effect

You might be thinking: If you’re a pure beginner, how can you build an authority site on day trading?

The Protégé Effect is the idea that when you explain things to other people, it helps you learn them as well.

Because I’m a complete newbie when it comes to day trading, I need to learn a lot. There’s no better way to learn than to create content about a subject matter on a website. As I learn various aspects of day trading, I can create content aimed at helping other beginners.

Turn your disadvantages into advantages.

Not an expert - I need to research everything (I’m in a beginner’s exact position). I understand all the pain points because I’m currently experiencing them.

Relatable as a beginner - If I can do it, so can you.

This is an example where you don’t need to be an expert. As long as you know a little more than your audience, you can be valuable.

I hope you find this case study helpful. In the future we may have more modules on other platforms. Remember as a beginner you probably do not want to start publishing on multiple platforms from day 1. Study the course to find your ideal niche, research and map out your business, produce content on your website, THEN look to repurpose once you are in a good workflow.

Notes to supplement the video:

- Planning out your content through keyword research is beneficial for all types of platforms. Many website content topics work well for many other platforms. This course helps you plan your content pieces out.

- As a beginner, you want to first find your niche, research it, and plan out your content. Building your website content can then be repurposed to other platforms that work with your niche. But the goal of this course is to get your niche chosen, keywords researched, and site up and running.

- In the first 4 months of this case study the focus has been on creating content. Content creation will be the main focus for at least the next 12 months I would say (considering I'm a pure beginner in this niche). I have been capturing emails, however the focus has not been on monetization. Beginners should focus on building valuable content, and eventually repurpose it on other platforms that make sense before focusing on monetization. Remember we are building an authority brand and that takes time. Build valuable content.

- Collecting emails and monetizing through email is something that fits with other platforms (the podcast in this case study for example) as well as with a website. I mention this in the video, however I will be doing affiliate marketing on the website itself as well (as I build out product related content in the future).

- Many website pages will eventually make affiliate product recommendations when appropriate. This post about “what is day trading?” is a simple example as it recommends a book from Amazon. Eventually I will have content pieces related to the charting software and trading journal I will recommend as an affiliate. I will have reviews, comparison pieces and guides on the website.

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