M8 - L2 - Update 2024

Niche Selection: 

Get obsessed, focus on something you’re passionate about, interested in, or have knowledge about. Be the niche. 

Be known as the person that is the true authority in this niche. Personal example in the 2024 Case Study.

Build a Brand: 

Start with a themed based content site (as the course teaches), but consider building your brand out on YouTube and other social media sites that make sense. Long term can you develop a product (book, course). Not necessary but worth considering.

Ranking a website on Google is the best place to start for beginners, and the best place to earn affiliate commissions. But building a brand is important, and leveraging other platforms should be considered when your site is established.

As a pure beginner, you don’t want to start multiple channels from the beginning, but once your site is up with 50 to 100 articles and is gaining traction, look to grow your brand on other platforms. Repurpose your content on other platforms that make sense for your niche.

Google Updates: 

As always, quality content matters most. Focus on having every piece of content on your site useful for your visitor. 

Consider search intent, and solve their problems within the content. Original images and real experiences can go a long way, and this is why niche selection is important.


Balance transactional content (product-focused) with informational content to establish topical authority. Plan your content in clusters around key topics to comprehensively cover your niche. Each cluster should mix high-competition and low-competition keywords to maximize reach. Bottom line, build an authority site about your niche.

By solely focusing on transactional topics and not providing educational, informative, or review-based content, your website will lack depth. It wouldn't be seen as an authority, which could diminish trust with your audience and reduce your site's overall ranking potential in search engines.


The reason why quality content with real experiences and images might be more important these days, is that Google is dealing with a lot of AI created content. Websites that publish 1000s of pages of content that aren't seen as “helpful” will not last long. As I’ve always said, don’t create your content with AI. Put your unique voice and experiences in your content.

When to use AI? AI can be helpful for mapping out ideas, doing research, creating lists, blog outlines, headlines, meta descriptions, and so on. Use it to create about us pages, privacy pages and other site info pages. But don’t use it to create your entire piece of keyword focused content.

The new 2024 Case Study will discuss all these in more detail.

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