M2 - L4 - What's in Your Toolkit?

The best investment is in the tools of one's own trade.

– Benjamin Franklin

In this lesson I want to go over a list of tools you will need to be successful, along with a Module Summary.

Future lessons will have set up instructions for all the essential tools.

This list will be updated with any new additions or changes. So think of it as a resource page.

Essential Tools

In Module 5, I’m going to do a full over the shoulder video going through the whole website set up process. But here are the components we will need:

When it comes to SEO tools, I want to convince you to get Ahrefs. After setting up your website, it's really the only tool you need to use.

I have no relationship with this tool, I will just be using it throughout this course, and recommend you get it, because it’s amazing.

But don’t go subscribe to it yet. Consider watching the whole course through, and on the 2nd time around when you start to implement various tasks, you can sign up. It’s a premium tool, but you get premium results.

There are cheaper alternatives out there. You can do a Google search and see what’s available. There are so many different keyword research tools and SEO tools out there along with good reviews and comparison articles to consider reading if you want to.

Bottom line: I use Ahrefs and Keywords Everywhere, and I will be using them in this course.

After you set up your website, you will want to create a Google account. You will want to link your website to Google Search Console, and consider setting up Google Analytics to track your web traffic.

You will want to be able to edit images. You will most often just need to shrink or re-size images before uploading them to your website. I personally use a Photoshop which is a premium tool, however there are many good free alternatives to consider.

Extra Tools

As your business starts to develop, you will probably want to upgrade to a premium WordPress theme. These will give your website a much more professional look and they're not expensive.

Depending on how your business evolves, you might want to incorporate an email autoresponder, and special opt-in forms. Now, these are advanced tools and should not be considered until your website is making money.

Those are all the tools you will ever need, and don't worry, I will be showing you how to use them at the appropriate time in future modules.

So don't get overwhelmed and think you need to go and become an expert with all these tools.

Remember that Google mentally that we spoke about in the introduction videos. You can literally Google any question about these tools and find the answers you need.

I will happily admit I'm not an expert with these tools. I know just enough to get by, and when I need more information I just Google it.

Never memorize something that you can look up.

– Albert Einstein

Module 2 Summary

In the next module we will be taking action and you will be finding your niche, the topic of your business so that’s going to be exciting! When you’re ready, jump over to the next lesson.

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