M2 - L3 - The Strategy Revealed

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, you need to fully understand how you will make money.

So what’s our strategy for actually making money from this business model?

Well this comes down to platform, persona, and pre-selling.

Step 1 involves choosing a platform to be able to do affiliate marketing with.

You need somewhere you can recommend someone else’s product or service, and earn a commission when it’s sold.

There are several platforms that you can use:

The best platform for beginners in my opinion, and the platform that we use in this course is a website. I make the majority of all my affiliate marketing money from just my websites.

A website is the ultimate foundation for your affiliate marketing business.

Depending on your topic, you might be able to venture into other online avenues like Social Media and video (Facebook, YouTube).

But for the most part, affiliate marketing can be done with just a website, and it’s the best starting point for beginners. Again, about 90% of my income is just from websites.

In module 5, I’m going to guide you through the process of building your website, so please don’t go and do that just yet because we need to do a few things before we actually set anything up.

And one of those things is reviewing what kind of website we will be building.

How Your Website Will Earn the Most Money

Remember how affiliate marketing works:

You make recommendations and when people buy based on your recommendations, you earn commissions.

Now think about this:

Why do people use the internet?

Millions of people jump over to Google and other search engines and look for information. They have a problem or a question and they want a solution.

So how do you reach people?

How do you start making recommendations to people and earn commissions?

Well, a great analogy is to think about real estate:

If you have a store and want to make sales, a very important factor is location.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase:

Location, location, location!

Well on the internet it's different. It's all about information, information, information!

In order to make commissions (money), you need to be making recommendations.

In order to make recommendations you need to have website traffic (people visiting your website).

In order to have traffic you need to have good information.

So how do you create and share this information?

What kind of website do you need to build?

You Need to Build a Themed Based Content Website:
"An Authority Site"

What is a Themed Based Content website?

It's a website which covers a topic very well. It's perceived as an authority on a subject matter.

It has content (articles, videos, images) all about a specific topic or theme.

The content is mostly made up of keyword focused pages. In module 4 we learn all about keywords.

These pages rank well on Google and the other search engines which attract your website visitors.

With all the great information your website has, it's seen as an authority by its visitors.

Therefore, when it makes a recommendation, people trust it.

So you need to build a website that becomes an authority on a topic. You become an expert on the topic, and your visitors will trust your recommendations.

And trust me, it’s not hard to be perceived as an “expert.”

I reviewed a bunch of electric shavers and people were emailing me and asking for advice. I had older gentlemen who had only ever used straight razors asking me for tips, to women asking me what electric shavers they should buy for their boyfriends.

Once you share knowledge and information about a topic that people are searching for, you become an expert in their eyes.

And you can perfect this by creating a persona.

Your Persona - The Face of Your Website

Step 2 in our strategy is to create a persona for your website.

This persona can be real or fake. It can be you, or a made up character.

But the idea is that your persona is an expert on your website's topic. They supply great information and make product recommendations.

They're seen as the friendly expert and they're trusted.

In many cases, the persona is just going to be you.

Beginners might want to build their first business about a topic they’re passionate about or that they know a lot about. So it’s natural that you will be the face of your first website.

For example, with my electric shaver website, I was the face of the website. I reviewed the shavers, and I became the persona of the website and expert on the topic.

But you don’t always have to be the persona, and in some cases it’s better if you don’t.

For example, I have a website in the pet niche, and I created a persona who is more aligned with the target audience.

If people are coming to a website and looking for information about their pets, they would much rather get info from another dog owner, someone who’s like them and who they can relate to. So because at the time I personally didn't fit the profile of a dog owner, I created a fake persona and author of the website.

In many cases this is totally fine. You don't always need to be the face of your website.

If you’re building a website about a serious health topic for example, you probably don't want to create a fake persona. Don’t create a fake doctor persona where you’re giving medical advice that can affect someone’s health.

But if you’re passionate about power tools for example and want to create a theme based content website on the topic, and want to stay private, then you would want to create a persona like "Bill the Handyman" to be the face of your website.

This is totally OK and it’s actually recommended.

I would like to get recommendations from Bill the Handyman if I’m looking to buy a new drill.

Once Your Persona is Set Up, it’s Time to Pre Sell

Step 3 is to pre sell your website visitors.

So what does pre sell even mean?

Think of pre-selling as sort of warming up your visitors, and getting them ready to buy.

They came to your website looking for information, and by overdelivering with great content, you create a more open-to-buy mindset.

After supplying great information and solving your website visitors' problems, when you make a product recommendation, they're more likely to click through and buy.

So your information, delivered in a friendly manner pre-sells them. When you make a product recommendation, they are more willing to buy.

You don't want to be seen as giving a sales pitch, you want to be seen as giving a recommendation from a friend.

Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.

– Brian Tracy

When you have a website that covers a topic very well, you will start to attract hundreds of visitors who are looking for information. Overtime this number will grow into the thousands.

When these visitors find your website, you will instantly be seen as an authority.

When your content overdelivers and comes a "friendly expert", your website visitors will be ready to listen to your recommendations.

The more recommendations you make, the more money you earn.

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