M1 - L2 - Course Overview

By now you should start to see how this course is laid out.

Right now we have 8 modules and within each module we have specific lessons. Certain modules are larger than others, and overtime there might be new lessons added to various modules, or brand new modules might be created. The video lessons will be slideshows, written scripts, or over the shoulder demonstrations depending on the content.

Below each video lesson there may be additional material and useful links that I will share. To the right of the videos you will see the Module Objectives and on the lesson pages you will see Action Steps and buttons to advance to the next lesson, or return to previous lessons.

I would recommend you go through all the modules and watch all the lessons in order. And to really get the most out of this course, I would actually watch all the lessons one time through and take notes. Then I would re-watch and implement the action steps the second time through.

Now, I know from actually buying and going through many courses myself, that this is really hard to do, but trust me it is the best approach. Don’t skip ahead, and don’t implement anything until you’ve watched all the videos. The reason is that you will have a much better understanding of what to do once you’ve gone through all the material.

I know that if you start to implement too early, there’s a chance you will do something that you end up wanting to change as you learn more. So I know it’s hard, but that is my recommendation.

Also, Google is your friend.

It’s important to note that for certain sections, you may have to look beyond this course for answers. For example, in the build your website module, you will probably find yourself researching extra information in terms of website design or various issues with WordPress or your web hosting.

So it’s important for you to be able to use Google for various questions. I still Google questions about WordPress or how to set up certain options with my website’s theme all the time. Trust me, after working with computers for years, any technical question you have, someone has already asked it, and there’s an answer out there on the web, so just Google it.

Your ability to figure stuff out on your own, plays a huge role in your success.

Obviously if there’s a strategy question or issues related to this course material, I’m here to help, but I can’t offer tech support. So please keep that in mind.

Now, for the last section of this introduction module, we have a success checklist to go through.

So jump over to lesson 3.

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