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Choose Your Platform Wisely

Understand why affiliate marketing through a Themed Based Content Website is your best strategy for success in 2022.

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F**k You Money

Learn how you can start to live your life on your own terms. No more boss!

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Build A Real Business

Discover why affiliate marketing is your ticket for success in 2022.

Video 3

The Best Strategy

Learn exactly how to make the most money from your online business.

Video 4

Step-By-Step Plan

Get the step by step plan for building a successful business from A to Z!

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    7 replies to "Video #2"

    • Peter

      Video 2 is informative and shows some common mistakes that can be made. I found past attempts to build a website were full of holes and I actually got stuck and was unable to fulfil my attempt to build the website due to lack of knowledge. This was the most frustrating activity I had and the website is now down.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for the comment Peter. I would say one common mistake people make when doing affiliate marketing with this strategy, is they go out and choose a domain name super quick, and start to build a site. I get it because I’ve been there too. I’ve been excited and rushed forward and started a website without doing the proper research. People are excited and building the site and buying a logo is fun, and makes the business feel legit. But it’s really important to have your “plan” in place before building a site. The next video discusses some important steps you need to take first, and when the time does come to register and build your site, I have step by step instructions on exactly how I do it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Scott Navratil

      This second video was great! I appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I’m looking forward to the third video!!!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Scott. I’m so glad you’re finding this training useful! The next video will come with a really cool resource that outlines the entire process and gives a big picture overview! Stay tuned.

    • Dickson

      You’ve made mistakes but here you are now succeeding because you planned properly well, I consider this an inspiration to my next online business. I didn’t start well that was why I failed multiple times. Your initial websites were niches you liked but your most successful websites were on niches that you knew nothing about initially. What motivated you to success or what is that one thing that kept you going?

      • Tyler Stokes

        You’re right. Planning is important, and when you do this alone, you almost need to make mistakes and learn and adjust. But too many mistakes can discourage most people to the point where they won’t continue. This is why I made this training: To share what I think is the best approach to getting started on the right path, with step by step instructions. I kept going because I knew making money online was possible (and it is!). When you make your first dollar, you can start to see the possibilities and it feels awesome. It also helps to enjoy the work. I enjoy all the steps and processes along the way, so it doesn’t feel like work. I think I say a few times in the training, it’s about being passionate about the process. And the more action you take, the more this passion can grow. Once you have this, it’s just a matter of time before you see success… But no one can sell you a pill or Blueprint to get 100% inspired. You need some baseline of inspiration and ambition to start, and if you’re watching these videos, then I think you certainly have what it takes!

    • Izzy

      Thank you for taking me on this journey with you

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