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Choose Your Platform Wisely

Understand why affiliate marketing through a Themed Based Content Website is your best strategy for success in 2024.

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F**k You Money

Learn how you can start to live your life on your own terms. No more boss!

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Build A Real Business

Discover why affiliate marketing is your ticket for success in 2024.

Video 3

The Best Strategy

Learn exactly how to make the most money from your online business.

Video 4

The System

Get the step by step system for building a successful business from A to Z!

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    56 replies to "Video #2"

    • Peter

      Video 2 is informative and shows some common mistakes that can be made. I found past attempts to build a website were full of holes and I actually got stuck and was unable to fulfil my attempt to build the website due to lack of knowledge. This was the most frustrating activity I had and the website is now down.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for the comment Peter. I would say one common mistake people make when doing affiliate marketing with this strategy, is they go out and choose a domain name super quick, and start to build a site. I get it because I’ve been there too. I’ve been excited and rushed forward and started a website without doing the proper research. People are excited and building the site and buying a logo is fun, and makes the business feel legit. But it’s really important to have your “plan” in place before building a site. The next video discusses some important steps you need to take first, and when the time does come to register and build your site, I have step by step instructions on exactly how I do it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Scott Navratil

      This second video was great! I appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I’m looking forward to the third video!!!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Scott. I’m so glad you’re finding this training useful! The next video will come with a really cool resource that outlines the entire process and gives a big picture overview! Stay tuned.

    • Dickson

      You’ve made mistakes but here you are now succeeding because you planned properly well, I consider this an inspiration to my next online business. I didn’t start well that was why I failed multiple times. Your initial websites were niches you liked but your most successful websites were on niches that you knew nothing about initially. What motivated you to success or what is that one thing that kept you going?

      • Tyler Stokes

        You’re right. Planning is important, and when you do this alone, you almost need to make mistakes and learn and adjust. But too many mistakes can discourage most people to the point where they won’t continue. This is why I made this training: To share what I think is the best approach to getting started on the right path, with step by step instructions. I kept going because I knew making money online was possible (and it is!). When you make your first dollar, you can start to see the possibilities and it feels awesome. It also helps to enjoy the work. I enjoy all the steps and processes along the way, so it doesn’t feel like work. I think I say a few times in the training, it’s about being passionate about the process. And the more action you take, the more this passion can grow. Once you have this, it’s just a matter of time before you see success… But no one can sell you a pill or Blueprint to get 100% inspired. You need some baseline of inspiration and ambition to start, and if you’re watching these videos, then I think you certainly have what it takes!

    • Izzy

      Thank you for taking me on this journey with you

    • Bob Nazaro

      Information is nice and clear, easy to digest and informative, I like the way the information is paced, not too quick, not too slow, and it keeps you engaged. I am taking loads of notes, and plan on being ready to launch my site as soon as I have gone through all the videos. This is exciting, and I am looking forward to taking that first big step.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks for the comment Bob. So glad you’re finding it useful!

    • Theophilus

      This is fantastic! I can’t believe you shared this useful information free of charge. Thank you so much.

      My questions are “how about someone who is not good at content writing? What can he do? Can he still use these strategies of yours?”

      • Tyler Stokes

        Glad you’re finding this training useful. If you want to “make money online”, you need to own some form of content. You need to be a content producer, instead of just a content consumer. This strategy requires you to build a content website. If you’re not good at producing content, you can always get better. There are strategies you can use to help you scale your content production. But if you really don’t want to do any content producing yourself, you can outsource this process very easily. Many people just want to “write” for websites, so you can definitely outsource this if you wish.

    • Sothsay Pathoumsat

      Awesome as the 1st video! Thanks a bunch Tyler! Please keep them coming! Love your knowledge!

    • Jojo

      Great video! Super informative and looking forward for video #3!
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us👍🏻

    • Danno

      Second video is wonderfully done. Thank you for the tips and ideas. Looking forward to the third video. Can’t wait to move forward with everything and make my website work! Thanks for all the information.

    • gordon kirshman

      Once again Tyler you have come up with a great info on choosing a platform that wll eventually sell and have people buy the product. I look forward to seeing just how you build a website and get started to promote info on the website. Thank you again for this important video and I ill look forword to the next one.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Gordon. This training is designed to highlight one specific and laser focused strategy for being successful with affiliate marketing. I’m glad you’re finding it useful!

    • Isaac Ansah

      Hi Tyler, your videos have been very helpful so far.
      Looking forward to the other videos so I can get started .

    • Russell Dawe

      Thanks Tyler for all this amazing information. I was a part of an Affiliate Marketing community through a subscription and it was great and everyone was helpful, but I felt overwhelmed at that time by the whole new thing and was dealing with other pressures like losing my job because of mandates. At 61 no one so far is keen to employ me so I searched for ways to make money online, I ended up believing the Affiliate Marketing was definitely the way to go but I was busy keeping my head above water and the subscription cost was to much at this point so I put the whole thing on hold for a several months. Still being convince that Affiliate Marketing was the best way to go, I found you and have been watching you videos I have again become excited about it. I just love the simplicity and clarity you bring and can’t wait for the next video to arrive. Thanks Tyler for your efforts in making this available.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Thanks Russell, glad you’re finding this useful. I’m trying to be as clear and simple as possible. This is exactly what I’ve personally done, and I’ve managed to avoid all the complicated stuff regarding this business model. If you do a few key things properly, and put in the work, you will see results. You need all the steps, and you need to do things in the right order, but it’s not rocket science. Again, consistency with this training is all I personally use and it’s worked out well.

    • Asan

      Really good content, Tyler. But I have a few questions. Do I have to use a product personally to recommend it? If not, how to be an expert on something I never used myself? And how to create a fake persona?

      • Tyler Stokes

        No you don’t need to buy or use products to promote them as an affiliate. There are some advantages to being in a niche where you have experience and knowledge about the products and services it offers, but this is not a must. You can simply research any product or service yourself, and create useful information about it. This turns you into an expert on the topic. Think of the persona as simply the author of your website. It can be you, but it can just be a person you made up.

    • James Kasyamani

      Crystal clear. Thanks for the tutorial.

    • Alex

      This was a helpful video. I will start building an website and maybe I would need some more advice how to do it. Thank you.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Starting with a website is a recommended strategy for beginners. But make sure you don’t do things out of order. The next video talks about doing things in the proper order so you don’t make mistakes.

    • Primrose

      Thanks for all the information, video#2 is getting me all fired up can’t wait for video#3. Have tried affiliate marketing before and failed dismally, hope this time around things will be different.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey glad you’re liking the videos. Remember, always fail forward. I failed a bunch of times, but I always learned something. It’s only failing if you quit.

    • Jac

      Thank you so much for making these videos! I know that my biggest issue with online success has been not knowing which plan or path to follow. Absolutely encouraging, breaking down all of this information is opening my understanding of what and how the process works.

    • Roberta

      Hi Tyler! Great content. I have a doubt:
      How to bring traffic to the website?
      I know the importance of SEO using keywords, but it takes some time for Google to rank my site, right?
      Tell me about your experience, how long does it take? Until it appears on Google how do I bring traffic?

      • Tyler Stokes

        Yes. Affiliate marketing is not really the skill you need. It’s traffic building. We do that from building a website and ranking it on Google. You can build traffic in several other ways, but I focus on just one strategy to start. This is what has worked well for me. There is a time delay for setting up a site, and ranking, but it really depends on the niche, the amount of work you put in, and how fast you work. Generally it always takes Google a few weeks to notice a new site, and a few months for traffic to start coming in. No such thing as overnight success stories!

    • Anthony Dugo

      Hey Tyler, I enjoyed Video No. 2, great information! As you said in this video, you were making recommendations about Affiliate Marketing. The examples that you presented on affiliate marketing ways to make money are essential information for people like myself who seek to gain skills to create an online business as you have.

      I noted the steps:

      1. Choosing a platform—Themed Based Content Website.
      2. Creating a persona—Be the expert on that website topic(s).
      3. Presell visitors—warm visitors up, get them ready to buy, overdeliver on great content, and create an open-to-buy mindset.

      I have my work cut out and need to practice content writing! So it might be slow initially, but I will get up to speed on delivering content. – Thank you!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Nice summary!

    • Collete G

      Just want to say a big thanks the tool kit was a great help here ( after becoming overwhelmed with various courses and advice nearly giving up !) this simply makes it clear and easy to piece together to this affiliate marketing mine field .

      Keep the content coming 🙂

    • Jen

      Hello Tyler !, Thanks for such great , easy to understand , resourceful info! I appreciate you! This will be my first time out of the gate but Im grateful for those that have come before me!

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Jen glad you’re finding this useful. Everyone has their first time out of the gate! You need to start somewhere. Also, we all learned from someone else, me included. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Study other people’s failures and successes.

    • Angela Meyers-Schlup

      Watching your videos and courses on udemy, YouTube and on here I’m finally feeling more confident in myself and making my first huge step in getting started on this life changing journey. I really like how you give step by step instructions and explain each step in detail to help people like me that needs step by step instructions in detail, understand. The best part is you offer your stragedy, your best resources and your assistance at no cost. You spend your time offering learning videos and giving your knowledge to others and not asking for anything in return. I thank you for that and I thank you for having the desire to help others succeed in their affiliate marketing buisness. I’m looking forward to finish watching your videos.

    • Peter Moni

      The information gained from your presentation has created an AHA moment and has started to recall all the thinking we carry in the back of our minds for years and now as the need arrives – the necessity to go out and look for another source (2nd income) stream with your prompting there is a rush of thoughts that come to mind. There are opportunities out there that need to be researched and the true value to be exposed – your shaving angle offers a multiplicity of opportunities. I look forward to receiving the follow-on programs.

    • Edward Laconto

      What do I do if my passion is something that no one else is interested in?

      • Tyler Stokes

        That’s a good question. You certainly don’t want to build a business that you can’t monetize, however you will probably be surprised at how many other people are actually interested in the same things you are. So I would recommend that you fully research your topic before deciding it’s not worth going after. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    • Stephanie Tai

      Thanks again for your time and effort to put all this together. I had no idea what Affiliate Marketing was and everything I have learned from you so far has been excellent, clear and understandable. Looking forward to the next video.

    • Bill

      Interesting information. This is sounding better than building a social media following .

      • Tyler Stokes

        For some people this strategy is better than building a social media following. They both have pros and cons. With social media you often need to put yourself out there which isn’t always appealing to some people. This is a great beginner strategy, one I still use every day, and one you can actually build upon – meaning you can always do social media once you have established your website (if it makes sense for your niche).

    • Patrick McGill


      I just finished the video as well as downloaded the business-building-toolkit. I am understanding the logic of what to do and why you want to do things as explained in your video.

      I think my biggest obstacle at the current moment is deciding on what it is I really want to focus on for a niche. Furthermore, I haven’t quite pieced together how I can make a theme based website pertaining to a certain niche and simultaneously utilize a platform such as Amazon Affiliates to promote anything outside the realm of a chosen niche. Is that even possible, or would that be considered a whole new entity? I would like to hone in on a particular niche, but don’t want to put myself in a box. The flipside to that, I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew and have to worry about maintaining multiple websites and the work that comes along with it this early in the game.

      I’m sure I’m getting ahead of myself a bit, but I keep hearing how everyone should become an Amazon Affiliate and then hear it contrasted by focusing on a certain niche.

      Looking forward to reading the business-building-toolkit you so kindly provided and getting started on this endeavor. See you on the next video!

      Best Regards,

    • Scott

      Tyler, good information. Made some great points to go along with it. Thanks for the ongoing lessons.


      Finally someone in line with my thoughts.
      Planning is everything. Success comes with great blueprints.
      I love you ahahah

    • Ulrich Oelofse

      Thank you Tyler, for really bringing some real hope of success to so many of us. I think a lot of people out there are very desperate for new ways to make money or get an extra income etc. in order to give themselves and their families better lives. People like this do on some level, realize that there are great opportunities out there on the internet and then start doing research, but it’s such a maze of information and ideas. A whole lot of different opinions, many of which leads nowhere with nobody seeming to really be wanting to just help. So, you end up getting caught in such a web of information that are either scams or people trying to just make an easy buck but with no success story at the end of any of it. You do sometimes get some useful information here and there, like glimpses of the truth, but not like this all opened up and really explained well. You have really given me hope for the first time in a while and I cannot wait to start putting this into practice. This will be my first time, but I really feel like I have a chance of success with your help. It feels like there’s light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train coming my way. Thanks a lot, from the heart and God bless you for helping people this way.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Ulrich, thanks for the kind words. Yes, I’m just trying to share the information I wish I had when I was first getting started. There are many many ways to make money online. I personally just know this one strategy, and this is what I share and discuss. It takes work, and is not a get rich quick scheme, and I feel it’s ideal for most beginners. Again, there are several strategies to make money online, even different ones specifically for affiliate marketing, however this is what has worked for me, and I’ve been in every beginner’s shoes just wanting some clear instructions. So that is my goal with this training.

    • HĂ©lder

      Your great effort in putting together these videos in such a simple and concise fashion, are of utmost appreciation. The concepts were crafted and broken down in a way that anyone can understand, and that speaks volume to your methodology.

    • Val

      Good afternoon Tyler, nice to meet you. My name is Ricardo Valentin, you can call me Val for short, thank you. I’ve been watching your video’s for a few weeks now, and taking notes. I just down-loaded your Business Building Kit. I reside in the Florida Keys, working as a Security Officer. As such, I’m in a Gourd House for 8 hours at a time, with computer access. Witch affords me hours to study.

      I’ve been trying to start an on-line business for over 20 years now. I’ve tried many on-line businesses, to include, but not limited to: Melaleuca, Liquidation, Herb-a-life, The Master’s Institute, Kingdom 320, and Ali drop-shipping. I’ve spent a fortune on these businesses and made little to nothing! I have a Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science, but that has not gotten me far.

      I’m 64 years young, with no family, wife, children, savings, or retirement! I believe this is a Capitalistic Country, and I would like a peace of the pie, LOL. I will not stop trying to build a successful on-line business, as long as there is air in my lungs. I’m willing to put in the hard work and study, and even invest a little into generating leads, as I’m economically distressed.

      I like your style of teaching and I’m impressed with your success! Obviously, this is not my first rodeo, and I’m familiar with Affiliate Marking, in spite of this, I’m still learning from your step-by-step training! I would like to thank you for your free training! I’m curious, why don’t you charge money for your training? Thank you and have a blessed day, Val.

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hey Val thanks for sharing. In the 4th video I share more info about some advanced training and a private group. Glad you are still failing forward! We have all had many projects that failed in the past. I failed with network marketing, and many of my first websites made no money. So you’re right, you need to persevere if you’re going to win!

    • Cyndi

      Hi Tyler,

      I’m enjoying learning this information. I feel like it’s the missing link I’ve been searching for. There are so many different programs out there but not like this. These lessons are easy to understand. I’m looking forward to launching my first website. Thanks so much for offering these lessons.

    • Rezwan

      The second video was really informative and there were tons to learn. Waiting for other videos.
      Thank for the effort you put in.

    • Karen

      Hello Tyler thanks for your great videos. I have a question. Does the website need to be loyal to one business affiliate program ie I noticed your links from the electric shavers website all go to amazon. I am guessing you can’t have links to amazon for some products and ebay for others on the same website ? Do affiliate programs require exclusiveness . If say for example I am reviewing the full range of binoculars available for birdwatchers can you link to several companies who have affiliate programs or do the affiliate programs require affiliates to be for being exclusive to one company or selling page. Thanks for your help with this …

      • Tyler Stokes

        Hi Karen. Glad you’re finding the videos useful. Affiliate programs do not require exclusiveness. You can be a partner with multiple competing brands.

    • Wendy

      Your input is super helpful in establishing my goal. I really appreciate your insight and detailed instructions and advice. Looking forward to the next video!

    • Mohammad Ali Javed

      Hi Tyler, thanks for the great content. One question. Does your strategy still hold (or may be gets even better) with the boom of AI tools? Many thanks, Ali

      • Tyler Stokes

        AI tools are a great way to help with your business. They should not totally replace your content creation, as you should have personal experiences you can share, but using AI tools can definitely help you work more efficiently.

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