In this article, I’m going to highlight my favorite web hosting providers.

I’ve ACTUALLY used all of these services throughout my career to host all kinds of different websites.

This is not a list of 20 random web host companies that the author has never used.

I’ve used all of these and I recommend them for specific situations.

So let’s jump into my top recommendations:

The Top 4 Web Hosting Companies in 2021

There are countless web hosting solutions out there.

And during my career, I’ve tried a vast variety of them.

Based on my experience, here are my top 4 web hosting solutions for beginners right through to big enterprise clients:

  1. Siteground
  2. Bluehost
  3. WPX Hosting
  4. WP Engine

1. SiteGround

The best all-round web host for most users.

SiteGround is my favorite hosting solution to recommend.

I personally use this host for many of my projects simply because it is so versatile.

SiteGround is great for beginners because it is easy to set up, offers some accessible entry-level pricing plans, and gives you the opportunity to expand your plan as your site grows.

SiteGrounds Startup Plan, for example, will set you back $3.95 per month and lets you host 1 site with 10GB of web space and up to 10,000 monthly visits.

In my experience, this is a great plan for new businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and more.

If you’re receiving a lot of traffic, then SiteGround’s advanced plans are the perfect solutions.

According to SiteGround, it’s top-tier Go Geek plan offers double the computing power of other plans on the market and hosts 10x fewer users, meaning you’ll get great speeds.

In fact, SiteGround’s speed is, for the price, pretty unbeatable.

In this review, Hosting.Review ran the exact same website on SiteGround, Bluehost, and DreamHost and monitored site speed, performance, and downtime across all 3 hosts.

SiteGround came out on top as the fastest hosting solution out of these 3, providing excellent speeds across all regions of the globe.

That’s important to keep in mind, as site speeds can vary across regions on some hosts.

And don’t just take this person’s word for it: I’ve seen similar results in my experience hosting both my own projects and client websites.

In general, I’ve found SiteGround to be the best overall host for a wide variety of websites, which is why it is my #1 hosting solution.


  • Versatile.
  • Ultra-fast site speeds.
  • SSL and HTTPS security with all plans.
  • Managed WordPress and free site builder.
  • Free daily backups.
  • Outstanding 24/7 support.
  • WordPress recommended.


  • Startup – $3.95/mth.
  • GrowBig – $5.95/mth.
  • GoGeek – $11.95.

Note: All SiteGround plans are billed annually, and none of the plans include custom domains.

2. Bluehost

The best cheap web hosting solution.

If you’re launching your first website and price is a top concern for you, Bluehost is your best solution.

Bluehost is extremely popular, and with good reason:

It’s cheap and it works.

That’s probably why it’s the chosen hosting solution for over 2 million websites.

For new customers, Bluehost offers a Basic Plan that starts at just $3.95 per month.

For that price, you’ll get fast hosting, a free domain for 1 year with an SSL security certificate, free WordPress install, and 24/7 support.

From my experience, that price is pretty unbeatable.

A domain alone on SiteGround, for example, will set you back $15.95 per year.

When you sign up to Bluehost, you’ll also get access to some marketing tools, such as paid ad credits to help direct more traffic to your site.

Bluehost’s basic plan also includes extra web storage than SiteGround’s StartUp plan.

When I set up budget projects or work with small clients who are looking for the cheapest reliable hosting out there, Bluehost is what I use/recommend.

If your budget allows for it, however, I would recommend paying a little extra for Siteground which offers faster site speeds and better performance.


  • Low prices for great, reliable hosting.
  • Reliable brand with a large customer base.
  • Solid site performance.
  • WordPress recommended.
  • Free domain for 1st year.
  • 50GB of SSD storage with the Basic Plan.
  • Unlimited SSD storage with higher-tier plans.


  • Basic – $3.95/mth.
  • Plus – $5.95/mth.
  • Choice Plus: $5.96/mth.
  • Pro – $13.95/mth.

3. WPX Hosting

The fastest host for advanced users.

Let me say this outright:

WPX is a great hosting solution, but I don’t really recommend it for beginners.

If you’re launching your first site, starting a new brand, or working with a small client, I recommend you get started on SiteGround or Bluehost.

If you’re running a growing site and need to upgrade your host, however, WPX is perfect.

It’s reliable, extremely fast, secure, and offers amazing support.

Mathew Woodward, an established internet marketer and consultant, recently tested 12 different WordPress hosting solutions against each other.

To run his test, Woodward put together a dummy blog post containing 11 high-res pictures, 1,000 words of content, the Astra WordPress theme and the Elementor page builder plugin.

He then ran the post on each host and compared them.

To cut a long story short, Woodward found WPX to be twice as fast as all other hosts.

So, why don’t I recommend it for beginners?

Basically because I think it’s overkill.

Besides being extra fast, WPX is also much more expensive than other popular hosts.

That’s because the company uses top-shelf hardware, offers custom-built admin panels, unlimited site migrations, free malware scans and site cleanups, automatic backups, and much more.

And while these features are all great, I don’t think they are necessary for beginners, small businesses, start-up entrepreneurs, or small scale marketers.

However, if you’re a growing business that’s receiving a good amount of traffic, has a decent budget, and is really looking for top-notch hosting, WPX is the way to go.


  • High-speed, custom CDN.
  • Unlimited site migrations and SSL certificates.
  • 24/7 support.
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • High-spec SSD servers.
  • Fastest WordPress hosting speeds on the market.


  • Business Plan – $20.83/mth.
  • Professional Plan – $41.58/mth.
  • Elite Plan – $83.25/mth.

Note: These rates are for discounted annually-billed WPX plans.

4. WP Engine

The best host for agencies and enterprise solutions.

WP Engine is a comprehensive WordPress hosting solution that currently powers over 500,000 websites across the globe.

It markets itself as a “digital experience platform,” promising users the freedom to create virtually any online experience they dream of.

And it’s exactly this level of freedom that, in my opinion, makes WP Engine the perfect hosting solution for agencies and big businesses.

If your a big company or work with big-budget clients that need extremely tailored hosting, WP Engine is perfect.

It offers a really powerful and agile platform for developers, powerful performance (powered by a global CDN), deep analytics, and integrations with all the 3rd-party WP solutions you need.

Like WPX, however, I do not recommend WP Engine for small businesses, startups, or new entrepreneurs.

If you’re building a new site or brand with limited visitors, WP Engine is simply overdoing it.

While it has small business plans, I would still stick with SiteGround or Bluehost for smaller projects.

If you have to host multiple websites (either for your company or a client), need daily backups and reliable hosting to support multiple pillars of an online presence, however, WP Engine is unbeatable.


  • Great package deals.
  • Global CDN with amazing speeds and stability.
  • Custom plans for agencies and high-volume clients.
  • Great support.
  • Unbeatable dev freedom.


  • Startup – $29/mth.
  • Growth – $95/mth.
  • Scale – $241/mth.

Note: WP Engine offers custom plans for large businesses and agencies. All the prices listed above are for annual plans.

Other Great Hosting Solutions

Not convinced by my top hosting picks?

Here are some other hosting solutions worth checking out:


Hostinger boasts some of the most accessible prices on the market.

A 4-year plan with Hostinger will cost you just $50 and includes a domain name for 1 year, an SSL certificate, 1 email address, and 100GB of bandwidth (which will support about 5,000 daily visitors).

This price is about 3x cheaper than similar plans with SiteGround, GoDaddy, or even Bluehost.

And, test results show that Hostinger can hold up pretty well in comparison to some of these other hosting solutions.

Hosting.Review found that Hostinger had great site speeds and uptimes across the globe.

In the US, however, Hostinger was the slowest hosting provider, with SiteGround offering 4x faster load speeds.


GoDaddy has the largest user base of any web hosting company, with Datanyze statistics claiming it owns almost 18% of the web hosting market.

And with good reason:

It offers reliable hosting across the globe.

The downside, however, is its pricing.

GoDaddy is known to be expensive.

Its Economy Plan will set you back $5.99 per month, while its highest-tier Maximum Plan costs $20 per month.

GoDaddy is also known to offer a lot of add-ons and upsells, some of which aren’t completely necessary and can quickly drive up the cost of your hosting even further.


Dreamhost is another popular hosting solution, boasting reliable hosting at accessible prices, with its most basic shared hosting plan starting at just $2.59 per month.

Dreamhost also offers VPS, managed WordPress, cloud, and dedicated server hosting plans.

The prices of these plans start at about $4.50 per month and peak at $279 per month for enhanced dedicated server hosting.

Dreamhost plans offer great uptime and great load speeds, especially on its managed WordPress plans.

Amazon Web Services

Yes, it is possible to host your site on Amazon.

It boasts great downtimes, site speeds, and overall performance.

There is, however, one major catch:

Hosting a site on Amazon Web Services requires some in-depth coding knowledge, although AWS offer managed options if you’re no coding expert.

What to Look for in a Hosting Provider?

There are many different hosting solutions out there.

So, how do you pick one over another?

Here are the main criteria you need to look for when choosing a hosting provider:

  • Downtime: Downtime refers to, you guessed it, the amount of time your site is down due to maintenance and/or performance issues. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 100% downtime (although that doesn’t stop some hosting providers from advertising it), as automatic site maintenance will always cause you some downtime.
  • Site speed: Site speed is usually measured in load time, which is the amount of time it takes for your site to load. Loading speeds vary, but anything under 2 seconds is considered excellent. All of my top 4 hosting recommendations should deliver these speeds. Remember that site speed has a huge effect on bounce rates, and a single second delay can reduce conversions by up to 7%.
  • Security: Having your site secured with SSL is indispensable. SSL certificates create an encrypted connection to your website, which is huge for building trust among your visitors. Whatever hosting provider you choose, make sure it provides SSL certificates for all your sites. There’s no faster way to lose traffic than not having an SSL certificate.
  • Support: Reliable, 24/7 support is key. If you experience technical difficulties with your website, you’ll want to get those issues addressed as quickly as possible. All of my top 4 hosting recommendations provide excellent support.

When shopping around for hosting providers, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much daily traffic do I expect to receive? This will help narrow down how much bandwidth and SSD storage you need.
  • What’s my budget?
  • What server type do I need (shared, VPS, dedicated, or cloud)?
  • What CMS best suits me? WordPress is arguably the best choice for most businesses, but research other options like Joomla, Umbraco, or SilverStripe for alternatives.

Find the Best Hosting Solution, Today

My favorite hosting solutions are SiteGround, Bluehost, WPX, and WP Engine.

I’ve used all of these platforms countless times, and each one has unique benefits for different kinds of users/projects.

They all offer fast speeds, great uptimes, accessible payment plans, and tons of features.

If you’re just getting online, SiteGround and Bluehost are your best options.

If you’re already running a growing business, however, I highly recommend WPX Hosting.

WP Engine should be considered for agencies and big companies.

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