In this article, I’m going to highlight the best video editing software available right now.

In 2019 I switched over to the top ranked software and it was the best choice I’ve ever made.

Editing video with Premier Pro

Using video as a marketing tool can help you grow revenue up to 50% faster.

That is according to WordStream, and I would have to agree.

Video has helped my business grow, and it will do the same for you, so you need to review this list.

Let’s dive right in.

The 5 Best Video Editing Software

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  2. Final Cut Pro X
  3. iMovie
  4. Adobe Premiere Elements
  5. Hitfilm Express

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The industry leader.

Premiere Pro is Adobe’s flagship video editor and is by far the most sophisticated piece of software on this list.

All videos you export from Premiere Pro are automatically optimized for any screen.

Premiere Pro also lets you edit in 8k definition as well as VR, and you can publish all your content directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other channel.

If you’re in need of a top-shelf video editor with all the trimmings, then there’s no going past Adobe Premiere Pro.

Key features:

  • Works flawlessly with Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and other Adobe software
  • The most widely used editing software in the industry
  • Better, more purposeful updates
  • Great interface
  • Supports virtually any video file format
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Easy collaboration with other editors


  • You’ll need to sign up to Adobe’s Creative Cloud to get full access to Premiere Pro, which will set you back $20.99/mth with an annual plan or $31.49/mth if you choose to go month-by-month.
  • A full 1-year subscription, on the other hand, costs $239.88 (or $19.99/mth). If you’re committed to making video an ongoing part of your marketing strategy, then the 1-year subscription is a great option.

2. Final Cut Pro X

Comprehensive video editing for an affordable once-off price.

Apple’s Final Cut Pro is Premiere’s biggest competitor.

And it’s not hard to see why:

With the release of Final Cut Pro X, Apple really re-imagined the way video software looks and feels.

And for many professionals around the world, that was a welcome change.

Today, many professional video editors, including Thomas Grove Carter (who’s shot videos for Mercedes Benz, Nike, and Ed Sheeran), love Final Cut Pro X because it’s fast, intuitive, and great for editing on-the-go.

Plus, unlike Premiere Pro, Final Cut is available for a single payment of $299, making it more budget-friendly for committed video marketers.

Key features:

  • Unbeatable render speeds
  • Less draining on CPU and battery life
  • Unique Magnetic Timeline for easy chronological editing
  • Great tools, like keyword tagging and Libraries to help you better organize your media
  • Allows you to edit titles without changing software


  • Final Cut Pro X costs $299. If you need Motion for post-production, that will set you back a further $50.

3. iMovie

The best beginner video editor.

iMovie is a really powerful, intuitive video editor developed by Apple.

It is by far my favorite software for beginners, just because it is so easy to use and can produce great results.

Unlike Premiere Elements, iMovie supports 4k video and comes with a ton of effects, titles, audio and music, backgrounds, and more.

Like a lot of Apple’s software, iMovie is super easy to use.

Its interface is clean and simple, and using effects or adding titles is straightforward.

In fact, iMovie is so easy to use I guarantee someone with next-to-no video editing experience can get the hang of this software in a few hours simply by using it and maybe watching some tutorials on YouTube.

Best of all, iMovie comes free on all new Apple computers, meaning you can literally start editing your videos today without investing any money in software.

Key features:

  • Super simple interface
  • Free on any Mac
  • Studio-quality titles and 4k video support
  • Includes tons of special effects, audio, and music
  • High-fi filters
  • Works flawlessly on Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • Publish directly to YouTube

4. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere for rookies.

If you’re new to the world of video, Premiere Elements is another great piece of software to start with.

A toned-down version of Premiere Pro, Elements has all the features you need to start editing video without needing a top-shelf computer or too much editing experience.

Its intuitive interface and 3 different views (Quick, Guided, and Expert) make Elements super approachable for beginners.

And while it is obviously a lot less sophisticated than Premiere Pro, Elements still has enough features to let you make polished videos.

Key features:

  • Lower system requirements than Premiere Pro or Final Cut X
  • Intuitive interface targeted at beginners
  • Basic editing effects with multiple parameters
  • Basic titling and transitions
  • Smart video trimming and adjustments


  • Adobe’s Premiere Elements costs $99.99. Extra features are available for an extra price.

5. Hitfilm Express

Editing and special effects in a single, budget-friendly app.

Hitfilm Express is a free video editor that combines both editing and post-production effects, like if you combined Adobe Premiere and After Effects in a single app.

It’s available on both Mac and PC and serves as a powerful tool for beginner video editors or anyone who doesn’t need all the trimmings that come with a sophisticated editor like Premiere or Final Cut.

What I like about Hitfilm Express is that it allows you to buy individual features from Pro, meaning you can tailor your software to your needs while sticking to your budget.

And, unlike some of the other video apps you’ll find on the Apple or Microsoft store, Hitfilm Pro is a super robust editing tool that can produce professional results.

Key features:

  • Powerful VFX and editing tools in a single application
  • Unlimited video and audio tracks
  • Advanced keyframing and animation
  • Single and double-point motion tracking
  • 4k compatible
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Fully customizable interface
  • Masterclass editing and VFX tutorials


  • Hitfilm Express is free to download and comes with a bunch of features. The prices of add-on packages vary, starting at $6.99 up to $34.99.

Why You Need Video

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy isn’t an option:

It’s a must.

From 2017-18, the number of marketers using video jumped from 63% to 81%, according to Hubspot.

And with good reason:

Statistics from Insivia show that people retain 95% of a message they see in a video, compared to only 10% if that message comes from text.

So, if you want to maximize your chances of connecting with your audience, video is the strongest weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Think about this:

How often do you turn to YouTube for reviews, unboxings, tutorials, explainers, etc, when making a decision about buying a particular product or service?

I know that whenever I’m shopping or even researching my articles, I always turn to YouTube first.

In fact, YouTube was the main resource I used in putting together this article.

And I’m not alone.

New data from Hubspot reveals that over 70% of customers would rather learn about a product/service via video.

What Kind of Videos Can You Use as a Marketer?

There are many different types of videos you can use as a marketer.

These include:

  • Ads
  • Tutorials and explainers
  • Webinars and presentations
  • Vlogs
  • Interviews
  • Live streams and live social videos

Exactly what type of video you end up using is up to you, but make sure to investigate your niche and industry to see what kind of video content best engages with your particular audience.

If you’re a fin-tech company, for example, you may find webinars work particularly well at introducing your leads to your brand and products.

If you’re an influencer, on the other hand, you might find more success doing interviews and vlogs relevant to your particular niche.

Choosing the Right Video Editing Software

In this article, I highlighted 5 of my favorite video editors.

Which one you choose will depend on your needs, budget, and skills as an editor.

If you’re experienced, need top-shelf professional software, and have the budget to pay for software on a monthly basis, I highly recommend Adobe Premiere Pro.

After all, it leads the industry for a reason.

On the other hand, if you’re completely new to the world of video editing and use a Mac, I’d recommend using iMovie to familiarize yourself with editing software first.

And finally, if you’re after free software that you can customize with affordable add-ons on an as-needed basis that still offers sophisticated editing and VFX, I highly recommend checking out Hitfilm Express.

Happy editing.

Tyler Stokes
Tyler Stokes

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