In this article, I’m going to explain exactly how one of my websites makes $1000 every month with the Amazon Associates Program.

Here’s a screenshot of a 30 day period where I earned $1,111.15:


I’m going to explain how you can do this, but more importantly, I’m going to reveal the best strategy to become successful as an Amazon affiliate.

Watch or read on:

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Warning: To Be Successful With Amazon, You Need a PLAN

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is popular for several reasons:

  • There's no barrier to entry.
  • There are TONS of products to promote.
  • Everyone shops at Amazon.

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can sign up as an affiliate and start earning commissions.

It's super easy to get approved, and within a few minutes you can get your affiliate links and start promoting products...

But before you start thinking you're going to make $1000 per month by just signing up, and sharing a few links, you need a quick reality check.

The truth is, you can be super successful by promoting products on Amazon, however you will need a PLAN.

Here's what you don't want to do:

Don't go find a random product in your house that's sold on Amazon, and create a crappy YouTube video review.

Without a strategy or plan in place, this type of stuff just won't work.

Yes people can be successful by making product reviews on YouTube, but they have a system. They have a plan. Uploading random review videos is not a good plan.

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How Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Works

As an affiliate, your job is to presell potential customers about a product that is sold on Amazon.

Remember, you are the middleman between a customer and in this case, Amazon.

So if you tell someone to order a product on Amazon, and they do, and you're shown to be the one who referred them, you will earn a commission.

The great thing about recommending products which are sold on Amazon, is that people are familiar with the store. Millions of people shop on Amazon every single week, so they trust it.

To get started, you will need to sign up as an associate.

Your First Step is to Sign Up as an Affiliate

Amazon program is called the Amazon Associates Program.

Here is the website where you can sign up and join:

Anyone can join for free.

It's very easy to do.

I would recommend that every internet marketer have an account.

The One Downfall With Amazon

So far this all sounds too good to be true.

What's the catch?

Well, the one downfall with this program is that the commission rates are not great.

You will be earning between 2% and 10%, as you can see from this chart:

But keep this mind:

When you send someone to Amazon, and they decide to buy several items, you will receive commissions on ALL those items as well. So no matter what a customer adds to their cart for that given checkout, you will earn commissions on.

Promoting With Your Affiliate Links

There are millions of products that you can recommend which are sold on Amazon.

This is why a lot of beginners start with this program. There are so many topics you can build a business around.

When you find a product which you plan to promote to your audience, you will do so through an affiliate link.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and comes to Amazon and buys something, you will earn a commission.

So here's what these links look like:

When you're signed into your account, just search within Amazon for the product that you want to recommend.

When you're on the specific product page, you click the "Get Link" link at the top of the page, and Amazon instantly creates an affiliate link for that specific page.

I always like to send my visitors to a specific product page which has a lot of positive reviews.

It's really that simple.

The only technical aspect of this has to do with your Tracking IDs.

Amazon allows you to track a lot of stuff through your Tracking IDs.

Basically what this means is that you can assign a specific link with an ID and track its performance.

This means you can track the performance of a particular link. This is useful if you have several websites, or if you want to track the placement of a link on a single website, or even a specific page.

You can track the performance of a link which is located at the top of an article vs. a link at the bottom of the same article, and so on.

Some people don't track very much, while others track everything.

Where Will You Be Posting Your Links?

Amazon recommends that you place your affiliate links on your WEBSITE.

This can be done through a link like this that says: Click here to buy product X on Amazon.

Or you can put your link in "Buy Now" buttons and so on.

Bottom line:

You need to share these links on a website, or whatever platform you're using to reach your audience.

Amazon does have some restrictions on where you can place your affiliate links, and this is one reason why promoting through a website is a great platform for Amazon.

How to Get People to Click Your Links

Let's do some reverse engineering here:

  • To earn commissions, people need to click your links and make a purchase.
  • In order for people to click your links, you need to recommend a product to them.
  • In order to make recommendations, you need to have a platform to reach people.

In my opinion, one of the best platforms for affiliate marketing is a website.

  • Websites are not going anywhere.
  • People are familiar with purchasing from websites.
  • Every legitimate business has a website.

You can 100% be successful with YouTube and other social media platforms, but in my opinion the best way to get started is with a website. Depending on your particular topic, you might want to use these other platforms in the future.

So what type of website should you build?

You will want build what is sometimes referred to as a:

Themed based content website.

Basically, this is just a website which covers a topic very well.

But the most important point is that these types of websites have the potential to attract hundreds and even thousands of visitors every single day.

Remember, millions of people jump over to the internet and search for information. They have problems and they're looking for solutions.

You can attract these "searchers" through a website which shares useful information and helps them solve their problems.

Many of their "problems" can be solved by products which are sold on Amazon for example.

That's the formula for success as an affiliate marketer.

Crunching the Numbers on My $1000 Per Month Amazon Affiliate Marketing Earnings Report

Here's what it takes to earn $1000 per month as an Amazon affiliate:

  • Clicks: 7172
  • Ordered Items: 282
  • Conversion rate: 3.93%
  • Shipped Revenue: $19,111.62
  • Total Earnings: $1111,15

Important Things to Keep in Mind

This is a single example.

The data is from 1 of my Tracking IDs.

The affiliate links are linking to products which are promoted on a section of a website about musical instruments.

The affiliate links were clicked an average of 240 times per day, and I earned commissions of $1111.15 for the given 30 day period.

So the EPC (earnings per click) was $0.15.

If you start to research other earning reports from Amazon associates, I think you'll find that an EPC of $0.15 is average.

But there are a lot of variables at play.

In order to earn $1000 per month, you may require a similar amount of clicks on your affiliate links. But depending on your website topic, audience, and preselling abilities, you may require more clicks than this, or perhaps much less.

If you're recommending products which are sold for say $20, your commissions per sale will be quite low.

But if you're recommended products which sell for over $500, your commissions per sale will be much higher. You will usually require less clicks to earn the same commissions when you're promoting more expensive products. However, your conversion rate will not always be the same.

The point is, these statistics seem to be quite average when compared to other Amazon affiliate reports that I've seen.

And the best part is:

YOU can totally do this!

When you have a proper plan in place, you can reach hundreds and even thousands of people every single day through your website.

You can make product recommendations and receive thousands of clicks on your affiliate links, which leads to thousands of dollars in commissions.

You can use the right strategy to scale your business well beyond $1000 per month.

But you definitely need a plan.

I would recommend you start with reviewing my 5 Step Blueprint:

Here's Your Next Step:

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