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About Me

Hi I'm Tyler Stokes.

I started my first affiliate website back in 2007.

In 2019 decided to share my knowledge through this website called Affiliate Marketing That WORKS.

With over 15 years' experience, I've learned exactly what works in this industry and what doesn't. I'm excited to share this information with people who want to learn how to start their own online business.

Over the course of my career online, I’ve earned +100K per month from ranking websites and monetizing with affiliate marketing.

Now I help pure beginners launch their affiliate marketing businesses with a step-by-step system and super clear instructions that can be mastered in less than 30 days.

The “done for you” training is exactly what I personally do, and it's something I wish I found when I was a beginner.

The best way to get started is to follow me on social media, and consider taking my free course or downloading my free 5 Step Blueprint. You can also check out the blog for articles exclusively written by me.

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About This Website

AffiliateMarketingThatWorks.com is operated by Tyler Stokes. All the content is written by Tyler Stokes.

The mission of this website is to help beginners build their own online businesses and monetize them with affiliate marketing.

The website has blog articles and video tutorials which cover many areas of affiliate marketing.

There is also a free course which explains the exact strategies that Tyler Stokes uses to make money with affiliate marketing. You can sign up for it here.

About The Company

Stokes Marketing Solutions Inc. owns the website AffiliateMarketingThatWorks.com. Tyler Stokes is the president of Stokes Marketing Solutions Inc.

Stokes Marketing Solutions Inc. is a digital marketing agency that owns and operates various affiliate marketing websites and a local SEO agency.

For all types of enquiries, visit the contact page here.

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